Can I rent my home if it has a swimming pool?

Hey, everybody. I’m doing “Questions Owners Ask, and today’s question is, “I have a swimming pool in my backyard. Can I still rent my house?” So the answer to that is an absolute yes, but I think there’s a few extra steps that we’ve gotta take.

The first thing

We’re gonna have to do is make sure that you have adequate insurance to cover a renter in your house with a swimming pool, so it’s very important that you talk to your insurance company.

Make sure your insurance company knows it’s gonna be a tenant, that it’s not you living there.

I think there’s a lot of insurance companies that actually won’t let you have tenant insurance and a swimming pool, but you need to make sure that you’ve got a policy that’ll cover that.

And also, you need to name us, if you’re one of our clients, as an additional insured on that policy.

The second thing

We’ve gotta get the pool addendums signed by the tenants.

So this kind of sets the pool rules, so to speak, and allows us to make sure we hold the tenant accountable to taking care of what they’re responsible for taking care of.

Third thing

That we ask that the owner is responsible for having a pool service come and service the pool on a consistent basis.

We don’t wanna leave that up to the tenant because typically, they don’t do it as frequently, or if for some reason they don’t do it, we don’t want them to mess up the pool, the owner to get mad.

So we just think it’s best if the owner handles that.So that’s it. That is questions that owners ask. Today’s question was, “What if I have a pool in my backyard? Can I rent my house?” Thank you.