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If you already have your property or need help purchasing a property, Evernest can help! We can help you buy, lease, manage, renovate and even sell your property.

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We Can Help You Rent Your Property

Evernest has a strong application process that will ensure a great resident for your property.

Home for Rent

If you're an investor interested in purchasing a rental property here's how we can help you:

The Evernest Brokerage Process

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Step 1

Setting Your Targets

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Step 2

Kicking Off
The Process

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Step 3

The Deal Machine

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Step 4

The Evernest Diligence Process

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Intro to Evernest Property Management

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Navigating The Closing Process

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Moving Forward with Evernest

Questions You May Have

When most people begin looking for a property management company, they don’t know a lot about the process of renting out their home. Of course, they want to know what it costs, but they also have questions like:

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What will my house rent for each month?

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How do you screen residents?

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How long will it take you to rent my home?

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What about maintenance?

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Who holds my resident's security deposit?

The Management Agreement

Once you have decided to choose Evernest as your property manager, the first thing we’ll ask you to do is a sign a management agreement.

And no need to worry about lengthy contracts, our management agreement comes with a 100% Happiness Guarantee so you can cancel at any time if you’re not satisfied.

If you’re an investor with multiple properties, make sure to reach out to discuss your pricing options.

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Management Agreement

Additional Property Services Available

There are several options you can choose to add to the management agreement options like:

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Gutter Cleaning

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Yard Maintenance
During Vacancy

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Eviction Protection Plan-covers the cost of an eviction

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HVAC Inspections

Owner Onboarding

Once you choose a pricing package, sign a management agreement, and set us up with access to your home, we will schedule one of our property managers to complete what we call a Walkthrough Inspection.

An initial inspection report will be sent to you detailing if your home is ready or if work needs to be performed before we place the property in the rental market.


These are items that must be completed before we can show the home. These items mostly have to do with the health and safety of your future tenant or something broken and not working correctly in your home.


These are items the property manager suggests repairing because they may help us rent your house faster or for more money

Once your home is rent ready, we begin aggressively marketing to prospective residents. We advertise your home on our website as well as all of the popular sites, such as:

Owner Onboarding

Our goal is to produce as many showings on your house as possible. When we drive traffic to your home, we expect applications to follow.

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How Long Will It Take To Rent My Home?

There are two main controllable factors that impact how long your home is on the market: PRICE and PRODUCT.

A home that is in good condition and priced within the market will rent quickly. Our goal is that your home will lease within 21 days.

Pricing to Product


Determining market price for your home is critical. Price too high and your competition down the road will lease their home before yours every time. Our Leasing team will work with you to determine the right price for your home. Each week, we will send you marketing statistics with showing and application info. Our marketing team has a weekly meeting to discuss all of the homes on the market. This discipline ensures that we’re communicating any relevant info back to you promptly.


Your product is your home. if you are content cutting some corners to save on cost, that’s fine. Just understand that it could cause your home to be passed over by some great residents. If your home is competing against a similar one down the road, it needs to be in good shape and look well cared for.

Resident Communication

Once we move a resident in your home, our communication with them almost immediately. Here are some of the ways we communicate with your resident:

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We believe that most people are used to getting a statement when a monthly obligation is due. So, we send your resident a statement each month that rent is due.

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Residents can access their portal 24/7 to set up automatic payments and see a rent payment history.

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We give your resident 24/7 access to call in a service request. We want to make sure they’re handled in an efficient and timely manner.

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We like to keep a written record of resident communication, so we ask all of our residents to correspond via email.

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If your resident does not pay when rent is due, we begin the process of reaching out to them. Our goal is to make contact, understand why their rent is late, and to make arrangements for the payment of your rent.

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Sometimes we need to deliver important information to your resident, so a text or phone call is an efficient way to communicate. We will use whichever communication method is easiest for them (text, email, or a phone call).


It’s important that you understand how maintenance is handled for your home. There are three main components to the maintenance of your property.

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We require each owner to have a $500 maintenance reserve in their account for occasions when items must be addressed for your tenant. If you have more than five houses, we require $100 per home.

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BELOW $500: We will go ahead and dispatch a maintenance worker/vendor to handle the issue for the resident. You will see that reflected on your monthly statement with a copy of the paid invoice.

ABOVE $500: We will contact you to discuss the situation. This allows us the opportunity to talk about the solution and next steps.

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If we see an issue was caused by resident negligence, then we will bill the resident for the work. An example of this would be a plumbing call that was caused by a child putting toys down the toilet!

The Turn

When your resident turns in their 30-day notice, we get ready for what we call “the turn”.

Our goal during this period is to get your home back on the market with another great resident as soon as possible. In some areas we can begin marketing the home as soon as the resident turns in their notice. In other areas, it’s best to wait until the resident has moved out and the home is move-in ready.

Once the resident moves out of your home, we collect the keys and one of our property managers will perform a “move out walk-through”. They will complete the inspection and will send that report to you. Included in the report will be pictures and an estimate (if required) of work needed to be completed before we can market your home for rent again.

The “move-out walkthrough” also gives our property manager opportunity to assess if there has been any damage to the house we would consider beyond “normal wear and tear”. If so, we will charge the resident’s security deposit for the estimated cost to repair the damage.

We Can Help You Sell Your Property

If it comes time to sell your property, Evernest has access to thousands of investors looking to buy across all of our markets.

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We Can Help You Sell Your Property