The Birmingham Real Estate Investor

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 14 // November 9, 2020

A Rising Star in Berkadia’s Multifamily World – with Caleb Frizzell

Learn how Caleb networked his way into the multifamily world and his thoughts on different areas of Birmingham that investors should consider.

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 13 // October 26, 2020

30 Years of Experience from Flippin Bruce – with Bruce Glenn

Bruce Glenn has been in the Birmingham real estate scene for decades. In this episode, we hear how he built his flipping house business on the side and now shows others how to do the same.

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 12 // October 12, 2020

Our Top 10 Take Aways from Our First 10 Interviews

Spencer and Matthew give you the best insights from their guest. This episode will teach you something special whether you have just started or you’re a seasoned investor.

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 11 // September 28, 2020

Buying Multifamily Properties in Birmingham – with David Oakley

David started his multifamily career from humble beginnings. He started as a broker out of school selling small four-unit deals and now has a team selling and investing in multi-million dollar deals.

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 9 // August 31, 2020

Birmingham’s Real Estate Connector – with Brian Trippe

Brian Trippe entered the Birmingham real estate community with one goal in mind – connect with as many people as possible and help them grow their real estate business. In this episode, Brian shares his best advice for the investor looking to expand in the Birmingham market…even if you have no experience.

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 8 // August 17, 2020

A Former Duke Athlete Tackles the Challenges of Real Estate Investing

Rob played football at Duke University and turned his toughness towards the Birmingham real estate market. He’s built his portfolio to over 30 units and it continues to grow. A local realtor, he’s passionate about data and good deals.

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 7 // August 12, 2020

How One Sleepless Night Lead to Real Estate Success

Walter Baker has done it all when it comes to Birmingham real estate. He’s done flips, wholesale deals, coached individuals, and holds a lot of rentals today. Listen in as we learn the secret to his real estate success.

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 6 // July 20, 2020

Why Institutional Investors Love Birmingham

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The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 05 // July 8, 2020

Investing Strategies with Les Jenkins

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The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 04 // June 24, 2020

Getting to Know Roofstock

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 03 // June 14, 2020

Top Tier Turnkey Provider Jonathan Mednick

Great stars and shows from the golden days of radio; entertainment, performances, and actual broadcast excerpts from the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 02 // June 11, 2020

Birmingham Investment Veteran Bryan Miles Shares His Best Advice

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The Birmingham Real Estate Investor, Episode 01 // June 9, 2020

Glory Days

IN this first episode, meet your hosts Spencer Sutton and Matthew Whitaker. They’re not new to Birmingham real estate investing and have somehow made it through the ups and downs of the past 17 years.