Atlanta Real Estate Market: April 2024 Stats and Trends

Atlanta Real Estate Market: April 2024 Stats and Trends

Real estate has become a popular avenue for people looking to diversify their income streams and potentially hedge against inflation. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in investing, Atlanta, GA, is certainly worth considering.

Once just a small railway stop, the city of Atlanta has grown into a thriving city for music, film, technology, and the arts. The culture of Atlanta is lively and with an abundance of local attractions and a bustling international airport, it’s no wonder the city is a popular destination for both visitors and new residents alike. 

Affectionately known as ATL, after the airport code, and The Big Peach, Atlanta residents have access to some of the best food, entertainment and jobs that the U.S. has to offer. 

Atlanta real estate market (April 2024)

But what about the Atlanta real estate market in April 2024? What do stats and trends look like contemporarily? Facts and figures are constantly changing, so we’ve gathered all the most up-to-date information for you.

Here are some of the top trends for the Atlanta real estate market (April 2024):

Atlanta General Statistics

  • Population (city proper): 498,386 (up .01% since 2017)

  • Population (metro area): 6,222,908 

  • Area (city proper): 135.3 sq. mi.  

  • Area (metro area): 8,685.7 sq. mi. 

  • Median Age: 34 

  • GDP (metro area): $525.8 Billion

  • Unemployment rate (metro area): 3% (up .2% Since December 2023)

  • Top employers: The Home Depot, UPS, Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola Company, GE Energy Management Services LLC, Arby’s, Bellsouth Telecommunications INC, Cox Enterprises, Cox Media Group, WestRock.

  • Highest paying jobs: Oral Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Transplant Surgeon, Physician, Interventional Pain Physician, Hospitalist Physician, Pain Management Physician, Finance Services Director, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist.  

  • Median income (per capita): $61,617

  • Median income (household): $83,251

Atlanta Real Estate Market (April 2024) Statistics

Atlanta real estate market (April 2024)

  • Neighborhoods: 208

  • Homes for sale as of April 2024: 5,040 

  • Median list price: $410K (down 2% % since September 2023)

  • Median sold price: $415K (down .1% Since September 2023)

  • Sale-to-list price ratio: 98.89%

  • Median price per square foot: $267 

  • Median days on market: 44 (down 16% since December 2023)

  • Rental vacancy rate: 1.6%

  • Homeowner vacancy rate: 1.8%

  • One-year appreciation rate: 1.2%

  • Average rent: $1,813 (up .01% since September 2023)

  • Price-to-rent ratio: 15.65

  • Most expensive neighborhoods:  


Average Monthly Rent 

Median Listing Price

Ferncliff Commons



Club Forest



Argonne Forest



Randall Mill



Brockwood Hills



  • Least expensive neighborhoods:


Median Monthly Rent 

Median Listing Price

Carey Park



Florida Heights



Rebel Valley Forest






Wilson Mill Meadows



Final Thoughts: Atlanta Real Estate Market (April 2024) Trends

The Atlanta real estate market is constantly changing and evolving. But the potential for investors to profit is near-constant. Whether you’re an experienced real estate investor or brand new to the industry, the Atlanta real estate market could provide ample opportunity to build your portfolio.

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