Where Should I Market My Rental Property? Our Top Tips and Tricks

Where Should I Market My Rental Property? Our Top Tips and Tricks

One of the top questions on any landlord’s mind is “Where should I market my rental?”. In today’s tech-savvy world, it’s important to consider the various ways prospective renters search for properties. From physical signage to online advertising, social media, and word-of-mouth, the opportunities are endless. And therefore, a bit overwhelming… If you’re wondering how to market your rental property, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll review some of the very best marketing methods. That way, you can find the tenant of your dreams and start profiting from your rental property ASAP. So, let’s dive in!

Importance of Marketing Your Rental Property

Having a strategic marketing plan for your property is essential if you hope to find and retain high-quality tenants. Each rental market is unique. So you as a landlord must be tuned in to the trends and status at play in your area. It’s important to pay attention to who is moving in and out of your area and to compare your property with those available nearby. This allows you to position your home in the best light and attract various prospective tenants, meaning you end up with the power to choose who you feel is best to inhabit your home. Once you have created an engaging property description and have determined the ideal price for your listing, it’s time to get the word out!

Where Should I Market My Rental Property?

There are two main categories of property marketing you should focus on. Let’s take a look at each of them in more detail.

Online Marketing

When searching for a new home, a renter’s first stop is online. With an engaging property description and high-quality photos/videos, they can get a good sense of whether the property is for them or not. That’s why going digital is one of the most impactful marketing strategies you can employ. Post photos and/or videos on popular listing websites, social media groups, and trending pages to generate maximum leads. There are many platforms made just for marketing properties in addition to more general social sites. You should consider listing your property on several of them. Here are the sites to consider for your marketing strategy:


An old standby, Craigslist is one of the less trafficked but still relevant options for listing your property. Just be sure to safeguard any of your private information and be careful about potential scams. Unfortunately, they have become more common on this platform.

Zillow and Trulia

These sites are a must-have for any landlord’s rental property marketing plan. Sites like Zillow Rental Manager take your property listing and post it for you on Zillow, Trulia, and HotPads. It also offers some basic property management functions such as tenant screening and rent collection.

Zumper and Facebook

Zumper is similar to Zillow and Trulia, just slightly less well-known. Utilize this rental property listing platform alongside Facebook to create an ironclad marketing strategy. We love Facebook for its ability to market properties amongst friends and acquaintances, which often yields great results for those who can find tenants they are distantly, or not so distantly, connected to.

Offline Marketing

Even though the lion's share of attention is paid to digital mediums when marketing rental properties, there is still a lot of value in offline marketing strategies as well.

Flyers and Signage

“Just-Listed” flyers and “For Rent” signs are incredibly effective and often used by landlords everywhere. Print a stack of flyers and head out into your neighborhood and surrounding areas to distribute them and increase exposure for your listing. Make sure to include property details, photos, descriptions, and contact information somewhere prominent. “For Rent” signs are just as effective in attracting attention to your property. These signs are easy to make and often very affordable. Pick one up and place it in the front yard or along the street or sidewalk that gets the most traffic near your property.

Word of Mouth

Direct referrals are the most desirable way to find new tenants. That’s because we can most often trust our friends, family, and acquaintances to send great people our way. Share your property listing with your network and ask them, “Can you help me rent out my house?”. Chances are they will be more than willing to support you! It’s also effective if you can offer incentives for anyone who sends you a referral that sticks. And, of course, asking previous tenants to submit reviews on your website will go a long way in establishing you and your property as desirable.

You’re Ready to Market Your Rental Property!

Trust us, we understand how confusing it can be to determine how and where to market your rental property. With a slew of platforms, best practices, and “must-dos”, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and implement an ineffective marketing strategy that won’t attract the kind of renter you want in your property. But don’t worry. All of our tips and tricks are informed by years of helping landlords just like you find dream tenants for their homes. If you follow our advice, we are confident you can do the same! If you’re ready to get your property marketing started but want expert support, look no further than your local Evernest team. We’re a reputable property management company with local offices across the nation, and we know rental property marketing like the back of our hand. Find the Evernest team near you and get started today! >>>