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3 Remodeling Tips

Everyone wants a better home. Even if you don’t live in it, and just rent it out as a single-family rental, you want it to be the best it can possibly be. After all, better homes attract higher rents and better tenants. Earlier this year, we gave you three home remodeling tips that can help you add something special to your rental home. As professional Alabama rental managers, we have come across a wide variety of improvements and additions that people have made to improve their homes, and want to share three more ideas with you. Make Sure Your Renovations Match the Home Each home has its own character and style (or should). Sometimes, the identity of a home is so powerful, in terms of how it looks, that it is easy to choose the wrong project or look and feel for an addition. For example, a distinguished Victorian may not be the best home for a sleek, ultra-modern kitchen. Or, a modern, contemporary bathroom may not fit well with the rest of the rooms, which are maybe decorated in a more retro style. Think carefully about what your home currently looks like, and the predominant theme throughout the home. You want to match your renovations to that current look, unless you plan on doing a full-scale renovation and redesigning everything. (In that case, go crazy!) Create an Action Plan for Each Room One thing that really gets in the way of a successful, hassle-free remodel is not planning ahead. You need to meticulously plan everything you want to do for each room, right down to the tiny details. From light fixtures to appliances and even the color of paint you plan on using, write it all down and think it out. This will save you time and money later when you go to execute your plan, because you have all the details mapped out. The last thing you want is to second-guess yourself, or leave out a vital detail, or have to waste time making decisions during the execution phase. Save Money by Choosing Less Expensive Options We all have limited budgets for our remodels, mainly because we want maximum return on investment for the money we spend. That’s why it’s key to choose less expensive options whenever possible to reduce our budgets and still get a great effect. For example, instead of spending thousands of dollars replacing cabinetry in the kitchen, simply resurface your cabinets instead. Or, if a room – like a kitchen – has old vinyl flooring that needs to go, it might have hardwood underneath that can be sanded and resurfaced instead of installing all new flooring. If you need to completely change the look of a room, consider being creative with paint instead of making big structural changes that cost money. You can use wallpaper with whitewash or faux finish paint to create an interesting look that changes the appearance of a room without having to do anything drastic. There’s something to be said for quality, but you also want to control your budget. Look to ways you can reduce your output and still get a satisfactory result.

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