Are You Ready To Sell Your Investment Property?

Rarely does an owner hold a property forever!

We understand the need to sell one or several properties when the time is right.
But we also know how challenging it can be, especially if a tenant is living in the home.

That’s why the Evernest Brokerage team can help you sell your property…

  • Quickly – because we have managed your property, we know the details that a new investor will be looking for and can expedite the process.
  • Without bothering the tenant – there’s no need to have agents banging on the door disturbing your tenant. We’ll handle any transaction discreetly with little inconvenience to your tenant.
  • Off-market – We work with over 5,000 investors, and often, we can quickly identify a buyer for your property without putting it on MLS.

So how do you get started?

  1. If you’re a current Evernest client, reach out to your property manager and express your interest in selling your property. If you’re not currently an Evernest client, you can fill out the form on this page to be contacted by one of our teammembers.
  2. They will put you in contact with your local Evernest real estate broker/agent.
  3. You’ll discuss your property and desired goals.
  4. They’ll get the relevant information about your property and begin the process of finding you the perfect buyer.
  5. SOLD!

Looking to sell your property?
Let's get started.

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