Fort Collins Pricing Plans

It’s important that you have options. Our pricing plans are designed to give you the most flexibility when considering Fort Collins property management services. Whether you’re looking for the most cost-effective or all-inclusive plan, we have you covered.

Lease Only

One Month's Rent
  • Walkthrough of your home and inspection report
  • Rent-ready checklist
  • Full Evernest marketing suite
  • Tenant application and screening service
  • Lease signing and security deposit

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Evernest Select

7% - 10%
  • Leasing Fee - As low as 50% of one month's rent
  • Renewal Fee - $249
  • Free Annual Inspection
  • All of the Lease Only plan features plus...
  • Electronic statements and disbursements
  • Maintenance management
  • 24/7 tenant communication
  • Rent collection

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Starting at $219
  • All of the Evernest Select features plus...
  • No leasing fee
  • No renewal fee
  • Rent Protection included
  • Eviction Protection included
  • Free Annual Inspection
  • No markup on 3rd party maintenance

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Monthly Rent
Save With Us: Save With Us

* Average of Gross Income Spent on Maintenance



Leasing Fee
Monthly Management Fee
Renewal Fee
Annual Owner Profit


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Leasing Fee
Monthly Management Fee
Renewal Fee
Annual Owner Profit
10-Year Cashflow Projection
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Available Add-Ons

Eviction Protection Plan (EPP) 

Our Eviction Protection Plan (EPP) is available for your tenant. It is designed to give you peace of mind knowing you won’t be caught covering the expense of an eviction. EPP covers the cost of an eviction (which can be up to $900) should an unforeseen issue arise that prevents your tenant from paying rent in agreement with their lease (loss of job or health related issue). We will cover all attorney fees, court costs, and set out charges associated with evicting your tenant. We will also change out your locks. The cost of EPP is $200 per year, billed annually.

Bi-annual HVAC Preventative Maintenance 

Each year we receive emergency calls from tenants regarding their air or heat. These calls end up costing owners much more than a routine service call. Our Spring and Fall Heating and Air Service can aid in the early detection of problems and save the cost of expensive, emergency repairs. A skilled Evernest tech will visit your home once in the fall and once in the spring to perform an assessment and cleaning. During our check, we also ensure that the unit(s) is up to code. The cost of our Bi-annual HVAC Preventative Maintenance is $150 each.

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