Evernest Awarded Property Meld’s Excellence in Maintenance Award

About the Excellence in Maintenance Award

This year, Property Meld awarded our “Excellence in Maintenance Award” to Evernest during the Annual Awards Banquet on May 18th at PMMCON 2022 in Las Vegas, NV. 

The “Excellence in Maintenance Award” at PMMCON (Property Management Mastermind Conference) is awarded to a company that delivers a positive maintenance experience while intelligently improving efficiency and oversight.  Property Meld evaluates hundreds of property management companies using their powerful property maintenance system to determine the award recipient. The award considers three critical property management metrics: maintenance repair speed, tenant satisfaction, and owner engagement. 

About Evernest

Evernest was established in 2008 by Matthew Whitaker, Founder and CEO. The company values professional integrity and being honest and transparent with its tenants and owners.

In addition, Evernest prides itself in continuously striving to provide the best service to its owners by frequently updating processes. 

Evernest proves its determination to revolutionize the property management industry in its impressive drive to implement Property Meld. Although Evernest is relatively new to our system, they are making significant strides in leveraging maintenance for over 7,000 rental homes. 

In just 26 days, Evernest rolled out our software in 11 markets and created over 132 Property Meld Workflows to streamline their maintenance process. 

These efforts resulted in over 30,000 automated maintenance touchpoints. In addition, Evernest is experiencing an average repair speed of 6 days, and a 4-star tenant rating across all markets. 

“It is our honor to present this year’s award to Evernest and showcase how this company is pushing the industry forward by leveraging maintenance to maximize net operating income (NOI) for its customers,” said Ray Hespen, Co-founder, and CEO of Property Meld.

Read the article: https://propertymeld.com/blog/excellence-in-maintenance-evernest/

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