Move Out Checklist

Our policy, as indicated within your lease, is that you are required to give written notice to vacate. In order to determine how many days’ notice you must give (typically either 30 or 60), please refer to your lease agreement in your online portal.

Your account will be charged all rent through the end of the lease term OR for the indicated number of days from the date that the notice was received in accordance with your Lease Agreement.

If the notice period ends after the lease termination date, your account will be charged a prorated rent amount for the days you remained in possession of the keys that month. Please pay the last month’s rent in full and on time.

Move out procedures:

  1. Complete the Move-out Checklist below. Please note that any uncompleted items may result in a deduction from your security deposit. Please note that ALL cleaning items are expected to be done professionally.
  2. Make arrangements to transfer ALL utilities to your new address. Please transfer all utilities out of your name by the first business day after you drop off keys.
  3. Drop off keys at your local Evernest office in an envelope including:
    ❏ Your name
    ❏ Address
    ❏ Date
    Once you have turned in the keys to the office, we will stop charging you rent. (Address for your local office can be found on www.evernest.co/contact/)
  4. Notify us after you have dropped off your keys by emailing us at:
  5. Send your completed Move-out Checklist to . Security Deposits are returned after we generate your disposition letter. This takes place once we receive your keys and Move-out Checklist, as well as having completed the move-out inspection. To inquire about the status of your deposit, email us at .
    *Please send us a forwarding address to receive your security deposit check (if applicable). If we do not have your forwarding address this could delay the process.


Any unpaid debt, repairs, repainting, cleaning/ trash removal, or any other expense associated with returning the condition of your home to the condition upon which you moved in will be deducted from your security deposit. Your security deposit will be mailed to the forwarding address you provide in accordance with the Uniform Tenantial Landlord-Tenant Act of your state. It is very important to keep your home looking its best for prospective tenants. We may also place an Evernest sign in the front yard before you have completed your moved out. We will NOT send people by to see the inside of your home without previously scheduling any showings with you in a timely manner. We will inform prospective tenants that the home is only available for move-in after the date you have provided on your notice to vacate and can only be viewed if arranged with you. Again, we will NOT send people over to knock on your door and attempt to see the inside of your home without your permission.

We are sad to see you go but we wish you luck during your move!

  • Move Out Checklist

  • If yes, please make sure to return the garage remote control at move-out.
  • If yes, please make sure to return the parking pass at move-out.
  • If yes, please make sure to return the Key FOB at move-out.
  • Please check all the boxes for items you have completed

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, heic, Max. file size: 256 MB.
    • Drop files here or
      Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, heic, Max. file size: 256 MB.
      • Our expectation is that you will return the home to the condition it was when you moved in. We will use the Move-in Checklist that you sent to Evernest upon moving in for comparison if this was submitted.