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The goal of Association and HOA management?

Maximize your investment and residents’ quality of life while minimizing regulatory and operational costs.

Whether you’re a new developer or an existing homeowners association looking for professional services and management, selecting the right association management team for your community is the most important decision affecting the success of your community.

We know what it takes to add more value to your Association. Here are 5 ways how:

Vendor Management and Contract Enforcement

Vendor management is all about a manager’s presence within your community. Your Evernest manager will meet every vendor in person, walk through the scope of work needed, and set clear expectations — before accepting any bids.

Once your manager spends time with each vendor, we accept bids for the scope of work, we ensure every job is done to you and the community’s satisfaction.

HOA Financial Management

Say goodbye to a $40,000 special assessment surprise — instead, set aside enough reserves before your next big project.

When you work with Evernest, you have an entire accounting staff to handle your HOA finances and provide advice on managing your financial oversight tasks.

These tasks include preparing financial statements, annual budgeting, and ensuring you have sufficient reserves for big projects.

Homeowner and Resident Support

Communication is the biggest pain point in association management.

This is why you get access to our community inbox, a platform that enables our community managers to work directly with board members while actively taking care of homeowners and their needs as they occur.

Lastly, your Evernest manager will conduct monthly and annual surveys of the board and the entire community to communicate items that are important to your entire community.

Help Ensure Compliance

All states have specific laws. From condos to homeowners associations — there are things you can and can’t do as an association.

Your Evernest manager ensures you’re navigating these laws appropriately.

This includes how your meetings are conducted to what’s enforceable and not enforceable within your community bylaws.

Adding Value to the Property

Let’s be real: aesthetics greatly influence your community’s property value. That’s the benefit of associations — your community creates cohesion and accountability with your neighbors and ensures a common standard for the community.

Your Evernest manager provides optimal security and maintenance such as landscaping, overall appearance, siding, roofing, or anything that needs to be replaced.

Ultimately, anything that affects the value of your neighborhood and your property is the responsibility of your Evernest manager.

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