Where Should I Buy Investment Properties in Denver? How to Pick the Perfect Place

Where Should I Buy Investment Properties in Denver? How to Pick the Perfect Place

Denver has been one of America’s fastest-growing metrosin recent years, thanks to its diverse economy, beautiful mountainous geography, and diverse range of recreation and entertainment. Such growth and benefits make the Mile High City a great real estate market. Some popular neighborhoods include:

  • Congress Park
  • Elyria-Swansea
  • Glenwood Springs
  • Rosedale
  • Sun Valley
  • West Colfax

But each community offers different potential investment returns. Some neighborhoods are better for certain investors than others. Picking the right Denver neighborhood can influence your success substantially. We’ll provide a brief overview of each neighborhood and examine multiple critical data points for each, including:

  • Population
  • Median Sale Price
  • Change in Sale Price (year-over-year)
  • Days on Market
  • Median Rent
  • Renter Occupied Households
  • Median Household Income


Rosedale is in the middle of South Denver. It’s relatively quiet, despite its dense suburban location. This upscale neighborhood has bars and restaurants on the east and west edges of the neighborhood, causing Niche.com to give its nightlife an A+. In the middle are several large parks offering plenty of green space. The Porter Adventist Hospital is a relatively large employer in the area. Population: 3,071Median Sale Price: $543,038Change in Sale Price (year over year): 5.6%Days on Market: 36 daysMedian rent: $1,629Renter Occupied Households: 47%Median Household Income: $103,546

Chaffee Park

Adjacent to Federal Boulevard and I-70 is Chaffee Park. It appears to be a hot neighborhood, given the sale price and days on market trends. Residents can enjoy a dense suburban feel, with green space at 51st and Zuni park. Most residents own here, but there is a decent-sized renters population as well. Chaffee Park scored A rankings for nightlife and diversity on Niche.com. Population: 3,324Median Sale Price: $333,036Change in Sale Price (year over year): 13.2%Days on Market: 28 daysMedian rent: $1,333Renter Occupied Households: 41%Median Household Income: $60,908

Gateway/Green Valley Ranch

About 30 minutes east of downtown Denver is Gateway/Green Valley Ranch. This neighborhood is more spread out, with several parks and the Green Valley Ranch Golf Club. Denver International Airport is a short drive northeast, and Aurora sits slightly southwest. Population: 35,104Median Sale Price: $490,000Change in Sale Price (year over year): 15.7%Days on Market: 40 daysMedian rent: $1,860Renter Occupied Households: 21.32%Median Household Income: $79,827

Villa Park

Villa Park is a short drive down the 6th Avenue Freeway from Denver proper. It’s on the cheaper end of neighborhoods close to the city center, but plenty of amenities are within and next to the area. Most residents own their homes, but there are some rental opportunities, thanks to the condos dotting the area. Population: 9,657Median Sale Price: $308,384Change in Sale Price (year over year): 11.6%Days on Market: 32 daysMedian rent: $1,194Renter Occupied Households: 33%Median Household Income:  $51,771

West Colfax

West Colfax is just north of Villa Park across the Dry Gulch. West Colfax Avenue, the neighborhood’s namesake, bisects the area. This busy street is lined with plenty of eateries and nightlife. The area is fairly dense, and the numerous apartments mean most residents rent. Sloan’s Lake Park is across West 17th Avenue from West Colfax, offering plenty of outdoor activities. Population: 9,985Median Sale Price: $537,123Change in Sale Price (year over year): 15.7%Days on Market: 47 daysMedian rent: $1,249Renter Occupied Households: 61.69%Median Household Income: $91,787

Hampden South

Hampden South is several minutes south of Denver via I-25, offering a quieter feel than the big city hustle and bustle. Most of the area is suburban. Several restaurants and coffee shops line the north and south edges, and parks are sprinkled throughout. Renters outweigh owners by a slight margin here, signaling rental investing opportunities. Population: 21,771Median Sale Price: $411,681Change in Sale Price (year over year): -3%Days on Market: 48 daysMedian rent: $1,577Renter Occupied Households: 54.76%Median Household Income: $74,540

Mar Lee

Mar Lee is a large, dense suburb about 8 miles southwest of downtown Denver. Garfield Lake Park to the north offers recreational sports areas, swimming, and fishing. South Federal Boulevard on the east edge of the neighborhood is lined with several restaurants and shopping. The Sanderson Gulch runs through Mar Lee’s middle, offering a nice hiking trail. Population: 14,067Median Sale Price: $488,500Change in Sale Price (year over year): 12.3%Days on Market: 32 daysMedian rent: $1,359Renter Occupied Households: 46%Median Household Income: $56,165

Final Thoughts on Where to Invest in Denver, CO

Did any of these Denver neighborhoods get your attention? Each offers some great benefits, but some may fit what you’re looking for better than others. Investors must weigh the features of each against their resources, goals, and preferences. Evernest can help you in this process. If you’re ready to buy your first (or next) investment property in Denver or elsewhere, here are 3 steps to get started today: