The Benefits of Having a Professional Property Manager Cover The Turn

The Benefits of Having a Professional Property Manager Cover The Turn

Managing a rental property can be complex, and the turn process is no exception. From reviewing damage and facilitating repairs to preparing the property for new tenants, there are several tasks that need to be completed during this crucial period.

Already a little anxious? Don’t worry. Hiring a professional property manager can make a world of difference in ensuring that these tasks are handled seamlessly, allowing you to focus on other aspects of property management.

Let’s take a closer look at the concept of a turn, and how a professional property manager might be able to help.

What is a rental property turn?

“Turn” refers to the period between one tenant moving out and another moving in. It can be a stressful and time-consuming stretch of time. That’s because there might be damage or necessary repairs to make, and, of course, you’ll need to get a new tenant moved in ASAP in order to maximize your returns.

What Needs to Be Done During the Turn?

Your rental property turn to-do list should always include the following: 

Reviewing Damage

One key aspect of the turn process is conducting a thorough inspection of the property to assess any damage or necessary repairs.

This inspection typically involves checking the condition of appliances, fixtures, flooring, walls, and other components of the property to identify any issues that need to be addressed before the new tenants move in. By documenting the current state of the property, you can ensure that any damage caused by the previous tenants is properly addressed and that the property is in optimal condition for the next occupants.

Facilitating Repairs and Upgrades

The Benefits of Having a Professional Property Manager Cover The Turn

Part of the turn process also involves coordinating with contractors and maintenance personnel to schedule and oversee any necessary repairs or upgrades. This might include tasks such as patching holes, replacing flooring, fixing plumbing issues, or updating appliances. 

You might also take the opportunity to not only assess the physical condition of the unit but also consider a few upgrades or renovations that could enhance the property's value. This could include replacing outdated appliances, enhancing curb appeal, or even making some energy-efficient improvements to attract prospective tenants!

By investing in these enhancements during the turn period, you can potentially increase the overall desirability of the property as well as your rental income.

Preparing for New Tenants

You’ll also need to ensure that the property is thoroughly cleaned and ready for new tenants. 

This might include tasks like deep cleaning carpets, repainting walls, and confirming that all appliances and systems are in proper working order. 

Turn periods are also crucial times to review and update the rental agreement, conduct a market analysis to determine appropriate rental rates, and develop a marketing strategy to attract new tenants. You might also take this time to reevaluate the screening criteria you use for potential tenants to ensure a successful and smooth transition between occupants.

Professional Property Managers Handle the Turn for You

If the above seems like a lot, don’t worry. A professional property management company could help!

Property management professionals are managing rental properties just like yours, day in and day out. They have proven, time-tested methods for handling the turn. This includes documenting damage, coordinating repairs, and prepping for new tenants.

Benefits of Professional Property Management

One of the key benefits of hiring a property management company is that they will handle the entire turn process for you. From coordinating repairs with skilled contractors to overseeing the cleaning and maintenance of the property, your dedicated property manager will take care of all the necessary tasks. This saves you time and relieves you of the burden of managing these details yourself.

Having a professional property manager cover the turn offers numerous benefits beyond just the convenience of not having to handle the process yourself, though. By entrusting the turn to a professional, you can ensure that your rental property is in tip-top shape, making it more appealing to potential tenants. This can lead to shorter vacancy periods and higher rental income.

Many property management companies come with their own network of trusted vendors and contractors that they can rely on to get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively. In some cases, they might even have dedicated, in-house teams. This means that repairs can be completed promptly and to a high standard, minimizing any potential delays in finding new tenants.

Property managers also have a wealth of experience in tenant screening and selection, ensuring that you find reliable tenants who will take care of your property. They will also handle all aspects of leasing, including advertising the property, conducting showings, and preparing lease agreements. This ensures that the entire rental process is managed efficiently, minimizing any potential issues or disputes down the line.

Final Thoughts: The Benefits of Having a Professional Property Manager Cover the Turn

The turn process is complicated, to be sure. But you don’t have to go it alone.

Having a professional property manager handle the turn process for your rental property offers a wide range of benefits. From the convenience of not having to manage the details yourself to the expertise in handling repairs and preparing the property for new tenants, a property manager can save you time, money, and stress while ensuring that your property is in excellent condition and attracting quality tenants.

Ready to rock your next rental property turn? Connect with a local Evernest property manager to get started today!