The Art of Growing Through Giving with Mark Ainley

The Art of Growing Through Giving with Mark Ainley

Giving back is critical for success in any professional setting. Property management is no different. That’s why Matthew and Spencer recently sat down with Mark Ainley of GC Property Management in Chicago, a PM pro and longtime friend of the show.

Mark discussed the unique perspective property management offers in real estate investing and how giving comes back to you in life and in business. The group also covered creating memorable moments for clients, leveraging knowledge for marketing, and the success of Mark’s podcast aimed at Chicago investors.

You can listen in on the powerful conversation here, or simply read on for top takeaways.

Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Value of Property Management

Matthew opened our discussion by emphasizing the critical role of property management in real estate investing. He shared his belief that to truly excel in this arena, one must learn every position through the lens of property management. This holistic understanding not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures that investors are well-equipped to make informed decisions.

The Power of Creating Memorable Moments

Next, our guest, Mark Ainley from GC Property Management, brought some unique perspective to the table. He spoke passionately about the significance of creating memorable moments and adding value to people's lives.

Mark's corresponding approach to business is deeply intertwined with his commitment to giving back, which he believes is essential for helping others navigate the complex landscape of real estate investment, particularly in the Midwest market.

Podcasting as a Platform for Education and Growth

Mark also shared his experiences with his successful podcast, Straight Up Chicago Investor, which has become a vital resource for Chicago investors. 

With over 350,000 total downloads, the podcast has proven to be an effective tool for lead generation and establishing oneself as the go-to resource for those entering the Chicago market. The niche focus of the podcast allows for targeted reach and the opportunity to educate investors on a deeper level.

If you’re currently in the Chicago market, thinking about moving in, or just looking to level up your business, give it a listen!

Navigating the Challenges of Property Management in Chicago

Our conversation then took a turn toward the practical challenges of managing properties in Chicago, specifically.

Mark highlighted the complexities of rental license codes across different suburbs and the importance of educating realtors on the long-term perspective required in property management. This part of the discussion underscored the need for continuous learning and adaptation in the face of ever-changing regulations.

Marketing Strategies and Content Creation

We then explored the decline in content quality and the pressing need to reset and refocus on creating impactful content. Mark stressed the importance of balancing emotional and logical elements in content creation, leveraging property managers' expertise to engage and educate their audience effectively.

Leveraging Experience to Address Common Concerns

The importance of addressing common questions and concerns from property owners was another key topic. We discussed the value of creating videos and blog content based on these frequent inquiries, using our experience and knowledge to resonate with our audience. Authenticity and personality in content were highlighted as crucial factors in building trust and authority.

The Impact of Controversial Content and Engaging Titles

We also touched on the potential benefits of being controversial in content creation and the importance of crafting engaging titles and hooks to capture attention. A particular video's success led to a broader discussion on repurposing content for social media and advertising to maximize engagement.

If you’re interested in seeing this in action, check out our YouTube channel here.

Podcasting Challenges and Connecting with the Audience

As podcasters, we shared the challenges of consistently producing high-quality content and the importance of staying curious and transparent to connect with our audience. We also discussed our goals for our respective property management businesses, focusing on simplifying processes and operational efficiency for growth.

Transitioning Roles and Proactive Communication

Giving back is critical for success in any professional setting. Property management is no different.

The transition from sales to other business aspects, such as property management and brokerage, was another focal point.

We emphasized the need for proactive communication with property owners regarding potential sales, ensuring that all parties are well-informed and aligned with the company's direction.

Hiring and Training a Salesperson: A Case Study

Matthew then took a moment to recount his experience of hiring a salesperson with a background as a professional baseball player. He admired the salesperson's dedication and motivation, which were evident from the outset. Technology played a significant role in the training process, with recorded onboarding calls and role-playing sessions proving invaluable.

Spencer also added the fact that our podcast content served as a resource for the new salesperson, offering insights into investor mindsets and common challenges. The discussion underscored the importance of cultural fit, coachability, and motivation in building a successful team.

Gratitude and Support for the Property Management Community

The conversation wrapped up with expressions of gratitude and appreciation for the support provided to the property management community. The value of our podcast and the positive impact it has on the industry were acknowledged, reinforcing our commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering growth.

As a whole, this discussion shed light on the multifaceted nature of property management and the various strategies that can be employed to succeed in this field. From the importance of education and creating valuable content to the intricacies of hiring and training personnel, the insights gained from this episode are sure to benefit anyone involved in real estate investing and property management.

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