Tenant security deposits in Birmingham

We receive a lot of questions about resident security deposits in Birmingham.

The main one is about how long a landlord has before it should be paid out.

In this video, Matthew will talk about the resident security deposits in Birmingham and what you need to know.

What’s up, everybody?

Matthew Whitaker here with another Question Owners Ask, and this question is specifically for Birmingham, Alabama.

In Birmingham, Alabama, how long does it take or how long do I have to get a resident security deposit back to them? 

So, this falls right in line with Alabama landlord-tenant law.

It’s very important that you abide by that law.

Just because you don’t know it exists or don’t know what’s said in it does not mean under any circumstances you can’t abide by it.

In Alabama, it used to be 30 days, now it’s 60 days.

So, you need to have a postmarked disposition letter and check if there is one or at least an accounting sent to the resident within 60 days, and it needs to be postmarked by them.

It needs to be sent to the last known address.

So, if your resident didn’t give you a forwarding address, you need to send it to the property address.

And If the resident did give you a forwarding address, then you’re required to send it to that address.

So, that’s it. That’s Questions Owners Ask. This is Birmingham, Alabama.

If I have a resident in Birmingham, Alabama, how long do I have to get that resident back their security deposit after they move out?

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