Five Advantages Of Hiring A Property Manager In Atlanta

Hey, everybody, this is Duncan Murphy with Evernest here in Atlanta, Georgia and  I wanted to make a quick video this evening to talk about what I see are the Five Advantages Of Hiring A Property Manager In Atlanta.

You know, selfishly I’m going say there’s plenty of good reasons to have a property manager here in Atlanta.

But I wanted to boil it down to a video’s length discussion for you.

The Most Important Reason Is For The Marketing Outreach

I say that because property managers they’re gonna know, they’re going to have, you know, some sort of system or process when it comes time to list the property.

They’re going to know what websites get the most traffic.

They’re going to know kind of how-to, you know, how to word or how to represent the property to pull the most traffic.

Their Own Websites (Five Advantages Of Hiring A Property Manager In Atlanta)

And usually, their own websites will be a high traffic place for people that are looking for a new home.

For Evernest in October, our website had over 15,000 unique visits.

You know, I’ll say them with an asterisk, that could be for, you know, other property owners or for vendors or anybody looking at our website, but still, that is a lot of traffic for websites.

So, it gets your listing out there in front of a lot of people that way.

The Really Good Residents Are Looking For The Professional Service.

They want to have a landlord or property manager that they know is very professional, it’s a stand-up business.

And, they are going to, you know, interact very professionally, they’re going to care about the way that they do business.

So, residents are looking at those things, they are hoping and expecting for that type of service.

The Next Reason I Have Is For Resident Communication And Maintenance Resolution

I say this, again, it goes back to the professional type of business that the residents would be interacting with when it comes time to resolving communication or issues going on, especially around maintenance.

And we feel that it’s important when maintenance does come up, and it usually always does come up, that it’s done very quickly, it’s done efficiently.

And we do that through our trusted third party vendors and also our in-house technicians.

Next Reason I Have Is For Rent Collection

One big advantage I see is a professional property manager they’re going to have management software that they use.

What that enables is plenty of good reporting at the end of the year, when it comes time to file those taxes for the rental income.

So, what we’re able to do, we’re able to, you know, keep track of all the rent throughout the year.

The End Of The Year.

So, then at the end of the year, we’re able to make available a good looking, you know, income statement, 1099 statement.

And all things that will tie up and are very easily provided to an accountant when it comes time to file that income.

 Their Main Job Should Be To Protect The Property Owner From Violations In Fair Housing, And The Landlord-tenant Law.

There are a lot of intricacies within those laws, things that you definitely want to know about if a situation were to arise.

The things you want to protect yourself, or really never get into an issue with those and that’s what we do a great job of, is making sure that we never go down a path of being in a violation or being anywhere close to a violation with fair housing or landlord-tenant act.

So again, told you I’d keep it short, I think there are plenty of other reasons to seek out property management here in Atlanta.

I’m always happy to discuss them.

So, I appreciate you listening and watching this evening and let us know what we can do to help.

Thank you.

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