Best Places to Invest in Tulsa

Looking for the best places to invest in Tulsa?

Known as the “Oil Capital of the World,” this south midwestern city has a thriving economy in industrial operations. But that’s not all – Tulsa is full of culture, too. It’s also home to one of the largest collections of Art Deco architecture in the country.

Tulsa is the second-largest city in the state of Oklahoma, home to multiple universities, and well known for its hybrid of southern and midwestern charm. While many Tulsa residents are native to the area, Tulsa’s population is on the rise due to young professionals and families looking to break into the many illustrious job industries Tulsa has to offer.

This combination of industry and culture creates a vibrant and thriving city for residents to live in, and the low cost of housing means it’s an ideal place for investors looking to buy into a new market.

However, it is an expansive city with many different areas to choose from, some that investors may not even be aware of. In this article, we’ll list some of the best places to invest in Tulsa and what type of properties, neighborhoods, and price ranges you can expect there.


Where is it located?

The first suburb on our list is located 16 minutes south of downtown and is one of the most popular neighborhoods for families. Located along the western bank of the Arkansas river, Jenks is a widespread area that offers a variety of housing, shopping, and dining for residents to enjoy.

Living in Jenks offers all the appeal of the suburbs with the benefit of a quick drive into the city, for people looking to commute to their offices while enjoying the extra living space.

What types of properties are available?

While there are a variety of homes available in Jenks, the vast majority of the properties for sale are A- and B-class, single-family homes that are mostly priced above average for the city.

While many of the older homes have been updated, there are some new-build developments in Jenks that are the perfect place for an investor looking for a brand new property. Many of the homes in Jenks are 4+ bedrooms on generous lot sizes, making this the perfect place for the families of Tulsa.

What other benefits are there?

Other than popularity and the high standard for housing available in Jenks, the greatest benefit to residents is that the schools in Jenks are highly regarded as the best in the Tulsa area.

This, plus the large property sizes, variety of shops, dining, and entertainment, make Jenks an incredibly in-demand area for the city of Tulsa. That’s good news for the investments here, as high returns are well within reach.


Where is it located?

Just 17 minutes southwest of the heart of Tulsa is the suburb known as Sapulpa. It’s popular thanks to its charming, rural feel. Properties in Sapulpa are often situated on more than an acre of land and offer residents a bit more privacy than what can be found downtown.

While the area is decidedly rural, residents are still just a short jog from the city and enjoy easy access to surrounding suburbs for all of their entertainment needs.

What types of properties are available?

Many of the properties in Sapulpa are either B- or C-class, single-family homes. Given the nature of the area, they are primarily located on large lots with plenty of opportunity to build an ADU for additional housing, or as an investment opportunity for those looking to expand their portfolio.

What other benefits are there?

The greatest benefit to investors when looking at buying in Sapulpa is the cost. Given that many of the homes are a bit older and on the outskirts of the city, the entry cost for buying property in Sapulpa is much lower than in other Tulsa neighborhoods.

There’s a variety of homes available, and even some new development as Tulsa continues to expand. So even if you’re not looking to buy an older home, Sapulpa could be a great place to start your search if you’re looking for a low barrier of entry.


Where is it located?

Continuing south of the city, we’ll find the suburb of Bixby, Oklahoma. About 25 minutes southeast of downtown and off of highways 75 and 67, the Bixby area is regarded as one of the best places to live in Tulsa.

With a plethora of new development builds, parks, and river front, there really is a long list of reasons for residents of Tulsa to choose Bixby. While it might not be as easily commutable as some of our other options, Bixby has plenty of dining and entertainment for residents to enjoy locally.

What types of properties are available?

The ideal middle ground between what’s available in Jenks and Sapulpa, many of the homes available here are A-class, new builds.

However, even though these homes are often newer, the distance from the city drives the cost down, so your dollar will go further here. While the homes are priced just above average for Tulsa, you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck. Think: a newer home without the premium price tag that comes with city living.

What other benefits are there?

Some of the greatest benefits of living in Bixby are the schools, ranked quite highly for the city of Tulsa. The local education system draws in many families every year, each one looking to send their kids to top schools without the price tag of other neighborhoods.


Where is it located?

Located 18 minutes northeast of downtown Tulsa is a suburb surrounded by parks and greenspaces, known for its residents that like to enjoy the great outdoors. While the city of Tulsa is known for its location on the Arkansas River, Owasso has no shortage of lakes, ponds, and green spaces for residents to enjoy.

Owasso is also the closest neighborhood to Tulsa International Airport, making it the ideal place for business people and travelers alike. They can enjoy all the extra space afforded by the suburbs without jeopardizing their jet-setting lifestyles.

What types of properties are available?

A- and B-class, single-family homes are common in Owasso. Many of the older homes here have been updated and, like many other Tulsa suburbs, Owasso has a few new build developments underway, for those looking to buy new.

Combine this with the fact that homes are priced average to just above average for the city, and you really can’t go wrong when buying property in Owasso.

What other benefits are there?

Owasso is a great place for investors to consider because the average buy-in is moderately accessible. Plus, rental rates in Owasso have been steadily increasing year-over-year. This ensures that, should you choose to rent your property out, you’ll likely see good returns on your investment.

Downtown Tulsa

Best Places to Invest in Tulsa

Where is it located?

As the name would suggest, this Tulsa neighborhood is in the heart of the bustling city center and is home to the largest population of renters in the city. Downtown Tulsa is also home to a variety of Universities, such as University of Tulsa and Oklahoma State University – Tulsa.

Tulsa is a vibrant city with an abundance of entertainment options for people to enjoy. Residents of downtown live in close proximity to shops, dining, and Tulsa’s famous Gathering Place; an expansive natural and manmade park that sits on the picturesque riverfront and provides an immersive outdoor experience for locals.

What types of properties are available?

B-class, single-family homes and apartments makeup the majority of the downtown and nearby surrounding area in Tulsa. These homes are priced about average for the city and make for great rental units.

While there are some new builds available, many of the homes near downtown are historic. So, if you’re looking for a newly renovated home with historic charm, or if you’re looking to take on a renovation project, there’s something here for everyone.

What other benefits are there?

The greatest benefit of living downtown is proximity to near-everything. Residents of the city live in close distance to all of the shops, dining, and entertainment that Tulsa has to offer. This is also a perfect place for young professionals who aren’t looking to commute long distances on a daily basis

Since it is downtown and close to so many universities, there are more renters here than is common for the city of Tulsa. So, if you’re looking to become an Oklahoma landlord, downtown is the ideal neighborhood for a consistent pool of tenants.

Final Thoughts: Best Places to Invest in Tulsa

Whether you’re looking for a home to renovate, something that’s rent-ready, or expansive properties on the outskirts of town, Tulsa has plenty to offer any investor.

Each area, at its own distance from downtown, also has its very own subculture. Investors can expect to find affluent neighborhoods, culturally rich and historical scenes, and suburban nature havens alike.

Long story short: They each have their own unique pros and cons. To get the best feel for where you’d like to invest, it always helps to talk to an expert who has boots-on-the-ground knowledge and knows each neighborhood like the back of their hand.

Our Tulsa team is always happy to help and answer any questions you might have.

If you’d like to learn more about the Tulsa  market as a whole, including population insight, renal market trends, and more, download our Tulsa Market Deep Dive.

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