Best Places to Invest in Fredericksburg

Looking for the best places to invest in Fredericksburg, Virginia?

Nestled on Virginia’s east coast lies the thriving historic town of Fredericksburg. Known as home to many battlefields that cover much of the early U.S. History, this charming town has grown to become a popular hub for young professionals and families alike.

But with an abundance of hiking trails, water-based activities, and sprawling parks for residents to enjoy, the historic charm isn’t the only thing that keeps people moving to Fredericksburg year after year.

This metro may be surrounded by an abundance of other popular east coast cities, but the average housing cost in Fredericksburg is much lower, comparatively. This, combined with the fact that rental rates in Fredericksburg have remained steady over the last few years, makes it a great place for investors looking to get their foot in the door.

However, it is an expansive area with many different neighborhoods to choose from, some that investors may not even be aware of. In this article, we’ll list the best places to invest in Fredericksburg and what type of properties, neighborhoods, and price ranges you can expect there.

Eagle Village

Where is it located?

Just a few miles from downtown and directly off of I-95 is the neighborhood known as Eagle Village. A short, seven-minute drive from the bustling town center, this Fredericksburg neighborhood is one of the largest in the city, and stretches from highway 1 to I-95.

The northern edge of the neighborhood touches the Rappahannock River, providing its residents with ample access to the riverfront and plenty of beautiful, meandering, walking trails.

What types of properties are available?

Eagle Village is mostly made up of B-class, single-family homes and duplexes, many of which come with the colonial-era architecture that’s so popular in east coast towns like this one.

Properties in Eagle Village are priced about average for what’s available in Fredericksburg, so it’s a great place for any first-time buyers interested in the area.

What other benefits are there?

Eagle Village is the closest neighborhood to I-95, which means it’s ideal for those who need to commute into any of the surrounding cities.

It also makes it an ideal fit for those looking for easy access to the scenic, surrounding areas and the wide variety of entertainment options those nearby metros have to offer.

Bel Air

Where is it located?

Across the Rappahannock River, and approximately 11 minutes away from central Fredericksburg, is the suburb of Bel Air. Surrounded by older communities, Bel Air is a newer neighborhood that is playing an important role in the current expansion of the Fredericksburg area.

Notably, Bel Air residents also enjoy access to the riverfront John Lee Pratt Park, keeping this growing community connected to the great outdoors.

What types of properties are available?

Since the Bel Air area is newer, many of the homes available here are A-class, single-family homes, in need of their very first tenants. Given its distance from downtown Fredericksburg, your dollar goes further here. And even though many of the homes are new builds, they’re still priced about average for the city of Fredericksburg. Cha-ching!

What other benefits are there?

Since Bel Air is located across the river, the community is surrounded by other suburbs and parks. This makes for an incredibly idyllic feel for residents looking for jaw-dropping views, a cozy neighborhood feel, and all the extra space afforded by the suburbs. Talk about a win-win-win.

Bel Air also has empty lots of land to offer investors. These opportunities are perfect for those looking to build their own property, in order to best meet their specific needs.

New Post

Where is it located?

The suburb known as New Post sits just southeast of the heart of Fredericksburg. Located directly off of Highway 17 and bordering the Rappahannock River, this suburb is known for its abundance of outdoor activities.

It’s only a 13-minute drive to central Fredericksburg, though, giving residents easy access to all the amenities of city living.

What types of properties are available?

New Post homes are mostly large, single-family homes, many of which have 4-7 bedrooms and just as many bathrooms.

The homes are largely A-class properties and many are either new builds or are newly renovated. This is ideal for investors who are looking for something move-in ready as opposed to any kind of fixer-upper.

The property sizes make this a perfect neighborhood for families, whether the parents commute into an office or work from home. Any spare bedroom could make an ideal home office, while leaving plenty of square footage for the whole family to enjoy.

Note that even though homes in New Post tend to be quite large, they are still priced about average to just above average for what is expected for the Fredericksburg area.

What other benefits are there?

New Post is a suburban nature haven. The neighborhood boasts easy access to Ruffins Pond, the Alexander Berger Memorial hike, Rapp Rocks Climbing Gym, and more. The area is also home to a soccer complex, plenty of parks, and even a few golf courses, so there’s no shortage of opportunities to get outside.

Stafford/Aquia Harbor

Best Places to Invest in Fredericksburg

Where is it located?

Directly off of I-95, just kissing the Potomac river, is the Stafford/Aquia Harbor area. Of all the areas on this list, this one is definitely the largest. It encompasses an eight-mile stretch along the interstate, full of charming shops, dining, and entertainment opportunities.

The Stafford/Aquia Harbor area is located 24 minutes north of Fredericksburg. It’s a bit farther than most of the other neighborhoods on this list. However it is, on average, just 40-minutes away from Washington, D.C. So, it’s an ideal landing place for those who want the open space, natural elements, and small-town feel that Fredericksburg is known for, all while living within a commutable distance to Washington D.C.

What types of properties are available?

Since this area is the largest on our list, it also has the largest variety of homes available. In the Stafford/Aquia Harbor area, you can find plenty of B-class single-family homes as well as many historic homes that have been recently updated. There are also more townhomes and condos available here than in other neighborhoods on this list.

Another perk of the area? Homes are at- or below-average cost for the Fredericksburg area. While some homes climb into the above-average range, it’s easier to find an entry-level price point in Stafford/Aquia Harbor than almost anywhere else.

What other benefits are there?

For residents, the greatest benefit is the reasonable commute. While Stafford/Aquia Harbor has plenty of shops, dining, and entertainment options to keep residents occupied, there’s still a large number of people who are looking to get outside of the hustle and bustle that is Washington, D.C.

Though commutability to the big city is also a perk for investors, entry-level pricing in the area means investors have the opportunity to buy one or multiple units. This, combined with the ideal commuting position of the Stafford/Aquia Harbor area, means that you’ll consistently have a large pool of applicants to choose from.

Salem Fields

Where is it located?

Tucked into the corner of I-95 and Highway 3, Salem Fields is a quiet neighborhood that’s just nine miles away from the heart of Fredericksburg. Like much of the area, Salem Fields offers plenty of historic charm while still maintaining that classic suburban feel.

The neighborhood is quite quaint, with shops and dining scattered around town. Residents don’t need to commute far for everyday conveniences, but that’s always an option.

What types of properties are available?

The properties in Salem Fields are typically older, B- and C-class, single-family homes. While some of the more historic homes have been recently renovated or enjoyed stellar routine maintenance, there are a few homes that are in need of a little TLC.

Regardless of your stance on fixer-uppers, homes in this neighborhood are priced at or below what is typical for the Fredericksburg area.

What other benefits are there?

For residents, Salem Fields might be one of the best places to live in the Fredericksburg area. From an abundance of parks and lakes to enjoy, to the quiet neighborhoods that come with all your favorite modern conveniences, this neighborhood is truly a can’t-miss.

The greatest benefit to investors is its close proximity to the Fredericksburg city center, paired with its very reasonable prices. So, if you’re looking to get your foot in the door on the east coast, Salem Fields might be the place to start your search.

Final Thoughts: Best Places to Invest in Fredericksburg

Among the best places to invest in Fredericksburg, investors can expect to find mid-level B class properties, all the way up to those in the A+-class, which provides both more affordable options and higher income opportunities.

Each area, at its own distance from downtown, also has its very own subculture. Investors can expect to find affluent neighborhoods, culturally rich and historical scenes, and suburban nature havens alike.

Long story short: They each have their own unique pros and cons. To get the best feel for where you’d like to invest, it always helps to talk to an expert who has boots-on-the-ground knowledge and knows each neighborhood like the back of their hand.

Our Fredericksburg team is always happy to help and answer any questions you might have.

If you’d like to learn more about the Fredericksburg market as a whole, including population insight, renal market trends, and more, download our Fredericksburg Market Deep Dive.

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