9 Best Property Managers in Austin, Texas

While owning a rental property comes with a lot of pros, the idea of managing it all by yourself can be more than a little overwhelming.

Property managers can save you money and time while giving you the peace of mind that your investment is well taken care of. The internet is a big place to start your search, though, so we’ve narrowed down a list of the best property managers in Austin, Texas, for your convenience.

But, before we dive in, it’s important to note that there are cases where a property manager (including us) might not be the best option for you. Watch this video to find out a few ways you can know for sure.

Now, let’s get started! Here are some of the best property managers in Austin:

1. Evernest

Evernest was established in 2008 at the beginning of the housing crisis. Our founder, Matthew Whitaker, was left with 30 investment properties that he intended to sell but was unable to do so when the residential housing market crashed. So he began a search to locate a property manager who shared his management philosophies and ideals. Later on in the year, Matthew launched Evernest and we officially opened for business.

In the last 15 years, Evernest has grown from a team of 3 to a nationwide company with over 400 team members. Evernest is based in Birmingham and operates in 33 real estate markets across the US, including Austin.

With Evernest you’ll receive in-house maintenance, no fees for cancellation, and a waived lease fee if a resident leaves within the first year. Evernest guarantees a qualified renter for your unit within 21 days, or your first two months of management are free. A 24-hour hotline is available to residents as well.

2. 360 Properties, LLC

The team at 360 Properties, LLC knows how to provide full-service solutions. They give their personal phone numbers to every client for round-the-clock assistance. It’s a crucial service for property owners, given how delayed repairs could make tenants leave negative reviews.

Research shows 74% of future renters read between one and 10 reviews before applying for a rental unit, so keeping negative comments off your website is a key part of building your success. 360 Properties’ team of experienced professionals will cover your tenants’ needs and management concerns no matter what the future holds.

3. Keyrenter Property Management Austin

Figuring out the optimal prices for your rental properties may feel challenging, but Keyrenter Property Management Austin team members make it easy. They calculate the current market value of any property and lend insight before you list available rental spaces.

The company also screens tenant applications. It’s an essential part of considering new renters for standard 12-month leases and shorter rental agreements. Their background checks ensure you only evaluate the best people for your property.

4. 1836 Property Management

Managing your rental property while working full time might leave you with little energy to grow your business. People who work with 1836 Property Management get to kick back and relax. The company handles marketing campaigns and advertising, as well as services such as:

  • Tenant screening
  • Eviction management
  • Property cleanup

You may rarely need to evict anyone because 77%-82% of tenants pay their rent in full before first-week deadlines pass. However, life can become complicated and cause people to experience financial loss. The experts at 1836 Property Management can handle every proceeding detail in case your renters can’t finish their lease.

5. Nu Edge Realty

Best Property Managers in Austin

You’re in for a three-step, easy process if you work with Nu Edge Realty for all your property management needs. Team members will walk you through selecting, leasing, and managing a property long-term to maximize your professional growth.

You’ll never need to sort out a confusing contract or guess about today’s housing market with an experienced property management team on your side. It makes the investment process much less stressful. In a time when investor housing prices are dropping 30% in a quarter, you can rely on your property management team to track trends and point out the best investments possible.

6. Knippa Properties

The best property managers in Austin handle everything that makes their clients nervous about leasing residential properties. Knippa Properties experts can make anyone’s leasing experience a breeze. They manage bill pay services and lease enforcement so you can take things off your to-do list. They also coordinate essential services like:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Listing available units
  • Property inspections

Attention to detail is a crucial skill for property management teams. The experts with Knippa know exactly which bookkeeping records you’ll need for tax season, which makes them an excellent resource for new investors. They’ll collect details like property expenses and related receipts so you can avoid financial penalties if the IRS requests an audit.

7. Ambassador Property Management

Clients of Ambassador Property Management benefit from the company’s 15 years of marketing and management services. It quickly lists and fills available properties with aggressive marketing techniques that appeal to the Austin area.

People who reach out due to these advertisements meet one of the most courteous teams in the city. They know future tenants seek the security of a personable team, so they train Ambassador Property Management recruits to outshine their competitors. Your property managers will always lend understanding and compassion to each applicant and tenant’s needs. The kindness wins people over and retains them for long-term passive income.

8. Mars Hill Realty Group

Investors appreciate the Mars Hill Realty Group team for their organization and legal experience. They help clients navigate contract creation and enforcement while organizing every digital document property managers need. These knowledgeable professionals make minor hassles of property management a thing of the past, all while creating a tight-knit atmosphere for their investors.

You may be one of the many people nervous about working with a property management team because you don’t want your primary concerns to be overlooked by a large company. Mars Hill Realty Group is an example of how management teams average 2.9 employees per company. They have three experts ready to assist you while getting to know you personally.

9. Austin Property Team

Some people may think they can’t work with a property management group because they have the wrong type of rental unit. The Austin Property Team manages many rental types, including:

  • Fourplexes
  • Single-family homes
  • Duplexes
  • Apartment complexes

It’s a significant source of help for Austin investors. Since 2017, the area has experienced a 153% increase in build-to-rent single-family homes. The intense demand could make some pockets of Austin better opportunities for apartment complexes or duplexes. You’ll get tailored advice and pick the best investment types when working with an experienced local management team.

Discover the Best Property Managers in Austin

There are several things to take into account while looking for the best property managers in Austin. In the end, it comes down to your individual circumstances and objectives. The ideal property manager will match your personal preferences as an owner, be within your budget, and cover you where you need them most. That’s why having options is important when making the right decisions for your real estate requirements.

If you’re considering Evernest as your property management company, we’d love to answer your questions.  For more information about property management services and fees in Austin, visit our pricing page here.

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