5 Best Property Managers in Detroit, Michigan

So, you own a rental property but the responsibilities and logistics are overwhelming. You might be wondering how you can outsource some of this work – that’s where a property manager comes into play.

Hiring a property manager can save you money and time, not to mention give you some valuable peace of mind. But, there are so many companies out there to choose from and it takes a lot of time to research your options and select the best one for you and your property.

We know just how helpful it can be to have a solid property manager on your side. That’s why we’ve taken the time to research and compile this list of the five best property management companies in Detroit. We’ll look at pricing (when available), specialties, Google ratings, and more to help simplify your hunt for the best property managers in the Detroit area.

Before you get reading, it’s important to note that there are cases where a property manager (including us) might not be the best option for you. Watch this video to find out a few ways you can know for sure.


Evernest was established in 2008 at the beginning of the housing crisis. Our founder, Matthew Whitaker, was left with 30 investment properties that he intended to sell but was unable to do so when the residential housing market crashed. So he began a search to locate a property manager who shared his management philosophies and ideals. Later that year, Matthew launched Evernest and we officially opened for business.

In the last 15 years, Evernest has grown from a team of 3 to a nationwide company with over 400 team members. Evernest is based in Birmingham and now operates in 33 real estate markets across the US, including Detroit.

With Evernest you’ll receive in-house maintenance, no fees for cancellation, and a waived lease fee if a resident leaves within the first year. Evernest guarantees a qualified renter for your unit within 21 days, or your first two months of management are free. A 24-hour hotline is available to residents as well.

CEO/Founder: Matthew Whitaker

BBB rating: A+

Google rating: 4.5/5 (9,669 reviews)

Years in business: 15

Number of people: 400+

Rentals managed: 15,000+

Number of markets: 33

Specialties: Single-family residential, condos, small multifamily (up to 49 units), rental property investing

Property management fee: 8%-10%

Leasing fee: 50% of one month’s rent ($500 minimum)

Renewal leasing fee: $250

Property setup fee: $0

Other services: brokerage, in-house maintenance, in-house underwriting, leasing

Real Property Management Metro Detroit

Best Property Managers in Detroit

Real Property Management Metro Detroit is a full-service property management company, handling all facets of the property management process for their clients to ensure maximum return on their investments.

Owner: Jeffrey Hurley

BBB rating: A+

Google rating: 4.0/5 (279 reviews)

Years in business: 35+

Number of people: N/A

Rentals managed: N/A

Areas served: 9

Specialties: single-family homes, multifamily properties

Property management fee: percentage-based

Leasing fee: percentage-based

Maintenance fee: Included in monthly cost

Other services: leasing, wealth optimizer

Learn more here

Own It Detroit

Own it Detroit is an expert property management company that has helped hundreds of investors create cash flow while building equity in the local market. They advertise themselves as experts on managing Detroit-specific properties and offer resources in acquisitions, renovations, quality tenant placements, repairs, rent collection, and more.

Google rating: 4.5/5 (54 reviews)

Years in business: 25+

Number of people: 30

Areas served: 7

Specialties: single-family and small multifamily residences

Property management fee: Contact for information

Leasing fee: Contact for information

Renewal leasing fee: Contact for information

Maintenance fee: Contact for information

Other services: leasing, investing

Learn more here

Simply Managed

Simply Managed property management was founded in order to put 15+ years of experience to work for Detroit property owners. Their team has worked with investors across the nation and have a deep understanding of the entire investment process from acquisition and renovation, to finding tenants or selling. They pride themselves on a proactive approach to property management and excellent customer service.

Google rating: 5.0/5 (9 reviews)

Years in business: 25+

Areas served: 23

Specialties: short-term rentals, single-family homes, multifamily properties, entire apartment complexes

Property management fee: percentage-based

Leasing fee: Must contact for information

Renewal leasing fee: Flat fee

Maintenance fee: Included in monthly cost

Other services: leasing, sales, property investment brokerage

Learn more here

JMZ Property Management

JMZ Property Management is a full-service management firm servicing thousands of properties in the Metro Detroit area. They pride themselves on the technology and marketing power they have established to ensure high tenant placement and retention rates. They seek to help property owners increase their profit through a growing portfolio by taking the stress out of property management.

Owner: Jannelle Zawaideh

BBB rating: A+

Google rating: 4.2/5 (317 reviews)

Years in business: 10+

Rentals managed: 1,000+

Areas served: 5

Specialties: single-family homes, multifamily properties

Property management fee: Percentage-based

Property setup fee: Flat fee

Other services: leasing

Learn more here

Manage with Evernest in Detroit

There are many factors to consider when looking for the right property management company. Of course, the right company for you will depend on your property and the objectives you have for it. As you can tell, each management company offers something different, so it’s up to you to decide which one feels right. We hope this information helps you make the right decision for you and your property!

If you’re considering Evernest as your property management company, we’d love to answer your questions. For more information about property management services and fees in Detroit, visit our pricing page here.

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