5 Best Places to Invest in Austin, Texas

Looking for the best places to invest in Austin, Texas?

The capital of Texas has caught the attention of thousands of Americans in recent years. With some of the best food, music, and access to the outdoors that Texas has to offer; it’s no wonder Austin is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities in the country.

With Austin’s population increasing year over year, as well as the majority of rental prices remaining steady, plenty of people are moving to Austin and loving it. This makes it a city for investors to look out for; and begs the question – where’s the best place in Austin to invest?

As the tenth-largest U.S. City, there are a lot of areas to choose from. Let’s go over the top five best areas to invest in as well as what types of properties, neighborhoods and prices you can expect there.

1. Brushy Creek, TX

First up on our list is Brushy Creek, Texas.  

Where is it located?

Brushy Creek is located 25 minutes north of the city center and is regarded as one of the best Austin suburbs to live in. With low crime rates and great schools, Brushy Creek is a great place for families or young professionals who don’t mind the commute to the city.

What types of properties are available?

Brushy Creek homes are mostly A-Class, with the prices sitting around average for the city of Austin. The properties are, on average, larger than what you’ll find in the city center and the extra space is what convinces many people to live here as opposed to the neighborhoods surrounding downtown.

Many of the properties are recent builds and would make great investment properties as the city and suburbs continue to expand.

What other benefits are there?

Located on the outside of the city, Bushy Creek has great access to a variety of parks, green spaces, golf courses, lakes, shopping, and dining. Low crime rates and excellent schools make this one of the most sought after areas in all of Austin, and is a great place to invest as the city continues to grow.

2. Hyde Park

Our second-best neighborhood is Hyde Park, Austin, Texas.

Where is it located?

Hyde Park is located 9 minutes north of Austin’s city center, neighboring major malls, developments, and UT Austin. Its proximity to some of the best parks, dining, and coffee shops make it ideal for those who value an urban feel.

Hyde Park is one of the closest neighborhoods to downtown, so it offers great flexibility for those who commute.

What types of properties are available?

Comprised mostly of A-Class homes, the residences of Hyde Park are, on average, priced higher than typical for the Austin area.

However, its extreme popularity and accessibility make it a worthwhile investment to anyone who is looking to have their property hold and even gain substantial value over time.

What other benefits are there?

Another major benefit to the Hyde Park area is the school district.

The schools in Hyde Park are regarded as some of the best schools in Austin, and are known for having high standards across the board for academics, sports, clubs, and a diverse student body.

3. South Austin, Austin, TX

Best Places to Invest in Austin

The third area on our list is South Austin, Austin, Texas.

Where is it located?

As the name suggests, this neighborhood is located just 13 minutes south of the city center and is a great option for residents who are looking to live in a lively neighborhood with easy access to the city.

South Austin is great for young professionals and families given its overall crime rates are relatively low, and its proximity to the city makes it perfect for the commuter looking for a little more space.

What types of properties are available?

There’s a mix of properties available in South Austin but typically the properties are B-Class, single-family homes that, on average, are priced lower than typical for Austin. With a variance of new builds and flipped homes, this area offers a range for any investor to find a profitable property.

The mix in price range makes it extremely easy to get your foot in the door as an investor.

What other benefits are there?

One of the most popular benefits of living in South Austin is its accessibility to the outdoors.

With expansive parks and green areas, such as Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, the hiking trails and great outdoors give this neighborhood a distinctly different feel while remaining within quick distance to the bustling heart of Austin.

4. Windsor Park

Fourth up on the list is Windsor Park, Austin, Texas.

Where is it located?

Windsor Park is located in the northeast section of Austin and is 12 minutes away from the city center. This neighborhood is popular for its nightlife and diversity and is great for young professionals and families alike.

What types of properties are available?

There is a healthy mix of new builds and newly renovated homes in Windsor Park, making it an ideal place for investors that are looking to make a profit on renovating and selling or renting out homes.

It neighbors affluent communities such as Hyde Park and East Austin while maintaining a lower-than-average home cost compared to the rest of the city.

What other benefits are there?

This up-and-coming neighborhood has close access to golf courses and public parks that are popular along the outer rim of the city.

It’s 14 minutes away from Lake Walter E. Long making this an excellent area for those looking for the dual benefits of proximity to the city center as well as the outdoor spaces that Austin is known for.

5. Gateway

Our fifth and final neighborhood is Gateway, Austin, Texas.

Where is it located?

Gateway is located 10 minutes north of the city center of Austin, but it still retains the dense urban feel that people love about downtown.

With great schools, shops, and dining, this area is great for families looking to remain close to the action of the city while reaping the benefits of the suburbs.

What types of properties are available?

The properties in Gateway are priced lower than average for Austin, however the rental prices remain on par with the average for the city. Considering the majority of residents in Gateway rent their homes, this makes it a great neighborhood to invest in for anyone looking to make a profit on a rental property.

What other benefits are there?

Gateway is the closest neighborhood to the Q2 Stadium as well as a variety of shops, dining, and entertainment options. It retains the convenience of the city with the benefits of the wide-open space and great schools that are consistent with the outer reaches of the city.

Final Thoughts: Best Places to Invest in Austin

As the tenth largest city in America, there is more than enough variety to choose from in the greater Austin area. Whether you’re interested in affluent neighborhoods or up-and-coming regions, Austin truly has it all.

Living in such a large city has its benefits, and Austin’s consistent popularity comes from its variety of cultures, food, music, and access to the outdoors. It remains an excellent city to live in, which is abundantly clear from the growth the city sees year after year.

So, are you ready to invest? Our Austin team is more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

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