About Us

We don’t own your property. We just work like we do.


How It Began

Evernest started at the beginning of the 2008 economic crisis by default. When the bottom fell out of the housing market, our founder, Matthew Whitaker, was left holding 30 rental houses that he wanted to sell, but couldn’t. So he set out to find a property manager with similar beliefs and management preferences as to his own. Later that year, Matthew started Evernest and opened our doors for business.

Secret To Our Success

Since 2008, our team has continued growing from 3 to more than 400+ team members dedicated to providing owners with the best property management experience.

What’s the secret to our success? We attribute it to an incredible team and a thriving company culture. Our company culture influences how we do business with our owners and tenants. It’s also the basis for which we hire new employees. Having competent job qualifications is necessary, but embracing the Evernest core values is what matters first.

Growing Reputation

The Evernest reputation for excellence began to spread. Since that time, we have grown to manage over 14,000 properties in Atlanta, Birmingham, Boulder, Chattanooga, Colorado Springs, Columbus, Denver, Detroit, Fort Collins, Huntsville, Jackson, Kansas City, Little Rock, Memphis, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Orlando, St. Louis, Tampa, Toledo, and Tulsa.

Our Values

Do the Right Thing


We will always be honest with each other, our tenants, and our owners. We operate a truth-based property management company with high levels of accountability, regardless of how it affects us individually or as a company.

Grow Daily


Our team of professionals commits themselves to daily disciplines both inside and outside the office. The positive habits we create in life impact our company and our clients. It’s not an easy business, and there’s no substitute for disciplined habits if you want to remain successful.

Own the Outcome


We will continuously strive for the best way to serve our Owners by frequently updating our processes, pushing ourselves never to be stagnant and never accepting of the status quo. We are determined to revolutionize this industry.

Win Together


Without sacrificing our core beliefs, we will always put the Team (our Owners, our Tenants, and each other) first. Individually, we can only achieve so much; as a team, everyone can meet, and exceed their goals.

Embrace the Grind

About Us

Beginning with just 30 houses to now almost 15,000, it has taken an extreme amount of hustle and perseverance to grow Evernest. We believe this benefits our clients because we are committed to whatever it takes to lease your home to a well-qualified tenant, collect rent, communicate effectively, and manage the day in and day out processes that keep you happy.