National Real Estate Firm Evernest Moves Into St. Louis, Missouri Market

National Real Estate Firm Evernest Moves Into St. Louis, Missouri Market

Evernest, a national, full-service real estate and property management firm, announced today that they have expanded into St. Louis, Missouri market.

Evernest offers both property management and brokerage services for rental homeowners and real estate investors. The firm is an all-in-one real estate partner wherein clients can buy, sell, and manage rental properties all under one roof. St. Louis represents the 25th real estate market in Evernest’s portfolio.

The Evernest St. Louis team will be headed by Shaun Hayes. Hayes is a longtime St. Louis local with more than 20 years of experience in management, logistics, construction estimating, and customer service. His dedicated team of property managers, technicians, and real estate agents is now officially taking on St. Louis clients.

Evernest St. Louis

“St. Louis represents a strong real estate market and, as we already have a highly-successful boots-on-the-ground team in Kansas City, Missouri, this expansion simply represents increased opportunity,” said Matthew Whitaker, Evernest Founder and CEO. “Moving forward, we’re excited to help both owners and investors achieve their real estate goals in the Gateway to the West.”

About Evernest St. Louis

Based in Birmingham, Ala., Evernest operates in 25 real estate markets across the country. It is one of the nation’s largest single-family and small multi-family investment brokers and property management providers. The firm manages more than 11,000 homes for over 4,100 owners, brokers more than 1,000 investment deals annually, and has made the Inc5000 list five of the last six years. Learn more about Evernest at Evernest.co.

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