What Makes Evernest Different From Other Property Managers

What’s up, everybody? Matthew Whitaker here and I wanted to shoot a video on my ride home.

This is something we’ve been doing at Evernest, doing some introspective work, and just wanted to talk to you about it.

We’ve been deciding well, what really makes us different?

Like what makes Evernest different from other property managers. And I really think there are three things, we call them our three uniques.

Our Team

We work really hard on hiring what we consider to be the property management industry’s most talented team.

“The Grinder” is what we affectionately call our hiring process. It is an excellent way to find awesome people to run our team.

We Treat Your House Like We Own It

So it’s very important to us that we treat your home as if we treat ours.

And in fact, I own rental properties so I’m very empathetic, sympathetic, to us treating it like it’s my property. Obviously, I’m my own client and know what it’s like.

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

And this just means, heck, we’ve got guarantees that basically say we’re gonna execute.

We’re putting our money where we only get paid if you get paid, and so we’re gonna put our money where our mouth is.

So that’s it. Those are our three uniques, why you would choose Evernest over somebody else. Thank you so much, and I’m home.

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