The Truth Behind Denver Property Manager Reviews

Today we’re going to talk about Denver property manager reviews.

Reviews are a hot topic.

Probably the first thing you look at when you started searching for a property management company is these reviews.

So we’re going to talk about them. We’re going to dig into them.

I’m gonna kinda give you the behind-the-scenes of what happens with reviews.

So Let’s Get Started.

1. Property Management’s A Really Difficult Business.

You’re…we, as property managers represent the owners.

So our clients are the owners. So we’re looking out constantly for the best interests of our clients.

And sometimes that is to the detriment or to the frustration of our residents.

So residents may inaccurately see us as kind of a middle person between…a go-between between the owner and the resident.

That Is A Little Bit The Case But It’s Not 100% The Case.

We represent the owner. So we have to…we have a fiduciary duty to the owner.

So there are times when the owner makes a decision that the resident does not like.

The resident attributes that decision to the property manager and so the resident blasts the property manager online.

So It’s Kind Of A Difficult Business Being In.

I always say, “There are times where we feel like the owners are shooting at the residents and the residents are shooting at the owners and we’re in the middle, the ones actually getting shot.”

So that’s not always a fun thing but a lot of times one of the things we look for is kind of philosophies to make sure that our owners’ philosophy for property management is similar to ours.

We are like what we would consider a little bit resident-friendly.

Obviously, we’re still looking out for the owners’ best interest but we feel like resident-friendly property managers allow residents to stay longer and that puts more money in the owners’ pocket.

So that’s point number one is property management is a hard business.

2. Property Management Really Is A Thankless Business

You as the owner expect me as the property manager to collect all the rent and take care of any maintenance as reasonably as possible and if we do all that, I mean, we’re kinda meeting your expectations.

And so any time there’s a disruption from that, all we can do is not meet expectations.

So that becomes a little bit of a challenge where there’s no going above and beyond typically in the eyes of the clients.

Now we get showered with holiday and Christmas gifts every year so we’re very thankful for all our owners and some do…are thankful and understand that we are in kind of a tough business, always in tough situations.

But the point is it’s very hard for us typically because we’re in a thankless business.

There’s nobody that’s saying…going out and just singing our praises when, you know…let’s say on Google.

3. We Have To Ask For Reviews.

So we have…we’re systematically out asking people that like us, that know us, that have a great experience with us.

Both owners and residents and we even get some vendors to give us reviews.

We’re specifically out asking for those reviews and we have to do that because nobody ever.

Unlike a restaurant where if I go to a restaurant I have a great experience like they blow my mind, I’m going to go out and wanna tell other people about it.

The Problem! (The Truth Behind Denver Property Manager Reviews)

The problem with property managers is we have an ongoing relationship that spans a long time and so it’s never…

There’s never a point where a client or a resident says, “Oh, I’m going to go review them right now because I think they’re totally awesome.”

So we do specifically have to ask for reviews. So let’s talk about that.

And let’s say you pull up property manager reviews and let’s say it’s a competitor’s reviews.

Just because they have all one and two-star reviews may not necessarily mean that they’re a bad company.

What may be happening is they’re just not specifically asking for property management reviews.

So that’s pretty important.

Number Of Four And Five Star Reviews Like Us!

If you see somebody that has a number of four and five-star reviews like us, that means that they’re probably reaching out actively when customers or clients have a good experience and they’re specifically asking for those reviews.

So want to make sure that as you pull it up, it’s not necessarily like a restaurant where the good…

Where everybody’s telling about all the great experiences that they’re having, where you have a select few that have a poor experience and go blast.

Property manager reviews generally, four and five stars, are…you have to actively go see them.

So that’s the truth behind Denver property management reviews.

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