3 Important Reasons To Thoroughly Screen Potential Residents in Atlanta

3 Important Reasons To Thoroughly Screen Potential Residents in Atlanta

Hey, everybody, this is Duncan with Evernest here in Atlanta. I wanted to make a video talking about Three Important Reasons To Thoroughly Screen Potential Residents in Atlanta. I think it should be close to obvious, given that topic, but have three real reasons to think about.

First Of All, Is Keeping Your Neighbors And Your Neighborhood Safe.

Even if it's an investment property for you, you've never called it home. You still want to think about how it's going to...the person that you're going to call the resident. How they're going to affect your neighbors and the neighborhood. Few things more embarrassing than your still good friend once a neighbor lets you know of a complaint about the residents that are calling your property home.

Tenantial History! (Three Important Reasons To Thoroughly Screen Potential Residents in Atlanta)

So, what you can do through screening is you can look at residential history. You can verify with previous landlords whether it boils down to would you rent to them again? You know, this is a very open-ended question to basically ask if they were good renters. If they were pleasant to work with, they took care of their responsibilities, would you rent to them again? That's something that we always ask in our screening.

The Next Important Reason Is To Mitigate The Risk Of Eviction

Again, I think that's obvious but also very important. What you can do through a thorough resident screening? So, you can look back at court records, county, and national, and eviction tracing to make sure if there was ever a record of an eviction. And you don't want to assume that additional risk of, you know, hearing out a story and listening to why it happened or how it was resolved, but it's still on their record. You Don't Want To Take That Risk. Typically if there's a history of that, there's a likelihood that could pop up again. So, something where definitely watch out for.

And Then Also Just Having A Thorough Screening In Place.

You know, if it's your screening criteria are posted on your listing, it's going to deter what we call professional renters. And those are the folks that know how to game the system. They know that if it's not a very stringent criterion or a thorough background check that they can get into a property. So, maybe pay rent just to get the keys, get in the door, but then they know exactly how long that clock is ticking as soon as they miss rent. And so they can game that system to continue, you know, taking advantage of that situation.

So, Three Great Reasons.

Three more reasons you could say of making sure that you thoroughly screen your residents, plenty of reasons. You know, our criteria on our website I think are pretty darn stringent and a good template to go off of. So, I would love to, you know, talk through those or offer any kind of advice on that. Again, my name is Duncan with Evernest here in Atlanta. Happy to discuss, so feel free to reach out to our Atlanta property managers. Thanks for watching it.