3 Questions You Should Always Ask Tenants

Do you own rental properties? If so, you know, first-hand, the challenge of finding qualified tenants whom you can trust to live in your properties. As professional Alabama rental managers, we help our owner clients find the right tenants and screen all potential tenants before placing them in a rental home. Doing this over years has given us knowledge of the best questions to ask – and why to ask them. Here’s a guide to what should be in your initial qualification interview. Why Are You Moving? This seems like a simple question, but the answers can be illuminating. You don’t want tenants who have a history of being evicted, or tenants who didn’t get along well with their neighbors or landlords. These are red flags that can be costly down the road, so you want to ensure the person has good, understandable reasons for moving. Have You Ever Been Evicted? Evictions happen, and while it’s generally not a good sign, sometimes there are mitigating circumstances. You’ll never know unless you ask, so it is good to get that question answered up front. The person may not be truthful, but either way, you can get a good glimpse into the nature of the potential tenant and see if he or she would be a good fit from how they answer this question. Do You Have the First Month’s Rent Plus Security Deposit Available? Finally, this question helps speak to the finances of the potential tenant, something that could impact their ability to be a responsible, consistent tenant. It is a good policy to never allow a tenant to stay in a property unless they can pay the first month’s rent plus a security deposit. There shouldn’t be any exceptions. A security deposit is there to protect your property in the event of damage or some other situation. You don’t want a potential tenant to owe money before they really move in. Inquire as to their financial status before agreeing to rent the property to them. One way you can avoid all of these questions is to have professional Alabama rental managers handle the entire process for you. Contact us to learn more about how you can take advantage of our professional services today.