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Today, I am going to tell you why you should use GKHouses.com to manage your single-family house. First of all, gkhouses.com is the largest manager of single-family homes in the Birmingham area. We manage houses from $500 per month to over $2,600 per month. What does that do for you? It gives us a broad view of the market. We know what’s going on in the Birmingham residential rental market at all times and at all levels. Another benefit to being bigger is that we are able to rent houses faster and to higher-quality tenants. How do we do that? We get over 1,000 unique visitors and over 1,000 phone calls each week for our available rental properties. All of that exposure means more leads, which equals more property viewings. More viewings drive more applications, and when you get more applications, you have a better chance of picking the right high-quality tenant. Next, you may be wondering what makes a good tenant. A good tenant is someone who pays the rent and stays in the home for a long time. That is simply what our portfolio is made of. We collected 98.2 percent of our rent last year and maintained a 94 percent occupancy rate across the gkhouses.com portfolio. What do those numbers mean for you? It means we have fewer evictions and more money in the door for our property owners. Another good reason to work with us is our commitment to transparency and communication. Those things are important to owners, and we cover them in three ways: 1. We have an owners’ portal that you can log in to your own account at any time and know exactly what’s going on with your rental home(s). 2. We disperse rent payments monthly through ACH. Most owners like this because they hate cashing checks every month. 3. We send out a monthly owner’s statement that accounts for every dime we spend on your property. Lastly, we have you covered if things don’t go right, such as an eviction. In this unlikely event, you will need a professional manager to walk you through the process. We have extensive experience with the Uniform Alabama Residential Landlord/Tenant Law and we can help you make the tough decisions that are sometimes required when you own rental property. If you have any questions about property management and why you should choose us, please contact us at gkhouses.com.

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