Why Choose a Birmingham Property Manager with In-House Maintenance

Why is it important for a property management company to have in-house maintenance?

You should ask about maintenance and repairs every time you talk to a property manager you are thinking about hiring. First of all, the attentiveness to work orders cannot be beat with in-house maintenance staff. Tenants want things fixed very quickly, and tenants will stay longer when they have property managers who take care of repairs right away. When you have a manager with in-house maintenance, they can get to tenants’ work orders a lot faster. That means you’ll have a tenant that stays in your property longer. Another good reason to look for property managers with in-house maintenance is that the maintenance staff can learn the house. When the same professionals are going to the property on a regular basis, i.e. two or three times per year, they are going to learn the house and know the intricacies of that property. That’s one of the great things about in-house maintenance. All repairs can be accomplished quickly because the maintenance people know the house and they have worked on the property before. Over time, they develop a vested interest in the house, and that works in your favor. Value pricing is another major benefit to in-house maintenance staff. Many times, there is less of markup when you use your property manager’s maintenance crew. This is because third-party vendors have a lot of overhead that in-house maintenance people do not have to worry about. Finally, the most important reason to use a property manager who has an in-house maintenance staff: liability concerns. You can be assured that a property manager with in-house maintenance has all the correct licenses and insurance policies necessary. If something bad happens at the house while it’s being fixed, you know you won’t be held accountable, and you won’t have to worry about liability issues. It’s a good way to protect yourself and your investment property. We would be happy to talk more about the value of an in-house maintenance team, and how to find a property management company that has one. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at gkhouses.com.

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