Where To Buy Rental Properties in Birmingham, AL

In this video, we will dive into part five of our series Where To Buy Rental Properties In Birmingham, Alabama.

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Over the past couple of weeks we walked through our thoughts on where to buy rental properties in Birmingham Alabama.

Today we conclude this 5 Part Video Series with a look at Pleasant Grove and Hueytown. These are two of the less well-known rental areas but have some great opportunities for the patient and persistent investor.

Matthew interviews Bryan Miles, a long time investor (bought and sold over 400 houses) in the Birmingham market and someone understands these areas well.

Why Hueytown Or Pleasant Grove?

There are several things that make houses in these areas good investments. Especially if you don’t know but are looking where to buy rental properties in Birmingham Alabama.

  • Newer homes – this can mean lower maintenance costs and more efficient home
  • Higher rent – It is not uncommon to see houses renting for $1,000 and higher
  • High home ownership – These municipalities still have many homeowners and not as many are currently rentals
  • Solid retail market – Houses bought here will experience price and rental appreciation over the years and can be sold on the retail market.

Where to Buy Rental Houses in Birmingham AL (part 5 of 5)


Birmingham rental real estate is extremely diverse and offers a little bit of everything for investors. In this last video of our five part series on where to buy rental houses in Birmingham, AL, Matt…

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