Where Should I Market My Rental House In Chattanooga?

Hey everybody. Alex Smith here from the evernest office in Chattanooga.

And this is another installment of “Questions Owners Ask.” And today’s question is where should I market my house for rent in Chattanooga? So, a really good question.

Where to Market a Rental House in Chattanooga?

The first one really gets overlooked a lot especially in today’s, you know, internet age and that sort of thing and that are just a good old-fashioned sign in the yard.

A lot of people when they’re looking for rental houses, they like to drive through the neighborhood, get a feel for, you know, how it is things like that. So, a sign in the yard with a phone number on it.

We get a lot of leads that way even still so often overlooks but, you know still, important. And then obviously you have like your Zillow and your Trulia, we get most of our prospects through those two.

Zillow you absolutely cannot ignore. That’s a huge source for prospects. And Zillow also syndicates to Trulia and HotPads.

So, with one listing on that website you can get your listing on, you know, those three websites. And those three websites are a great source for prospects.

The last one is a website called Zumper. You’ve probably never heard of it. But the reason we like Zumper is because it syndicates to a couple of websites, zumper.com, padmapper.com, walkscore.com.

But the reason we like it so much is that it syndicates to Facebook Marketplace which… I know a lot a lot of people are finding rental houses on the Facebook Marketplace these days.

So, that one’s a little bit newer. So, if you want to get your house on Facebook that’s a good way to do it.

And, that pretty much covers it. This has been another installment of “Questions Owners Ask.” Thanks, everybody. See you.

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