Where should I market my home for rent?

What’s up, everybody? Matthew Whitaker here. I’m shooting another “Questions Owners Ask,” and today’s question is, “Where should I market my home for rent?” Babe, you’re in my shot here. Scoot over a little bit. Thank you.

First place is

I’m shocked at how many times the old yard sign just happens to work, so I’d definitely put a yard sign out front.

Second thing is Zillow and Trulia.

It’s very important that you get your house on there. I would say the majority of people find their rental house on one of those kinda major sites that pop up. Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, those are the kinda most famous ones. They typically, when people are searching for houses, are some of the first ones that pop up.

The third one is Craigslist.

It amazes me that Craigslist is, like, this old, archaic website, but it still gets a ton of leads. People are still using it, much like the old newspaper, and so people are on Craigslist actually finding homes for rent.

The fourth place, and the last place,

Which I think’s interesting and probably the one that’s kinda the gotcha is Facebook and the Nextdoor app. We’ve seen a lotta people and talked to a lotta people that are starting to use this to rent their homes, and so I highly suggest posting it in the Facebook Marketplace and the Neighborhood app. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this, but it’s a very local, social-media type of app.

So that’s it. That’s “Questions Owners Ask.” The question was, “Where should I market my home for rent?” Thank you.