What Makes You Unique Among Nashville Property Managers?

Hey. This is Spencer Sutton with gkhouses. And today, I’m going to answer the question, “What makes you unique among Nashville property managers?”

I think that’s a great question. I’ve actually gotten that question on the phone before.

So just talking to prospective owners who have a house they want to lease and they… Some of them have actually asked me, “Hey, Spencer, you know, why should I hire you?

What makes you different than somebody else down the street that I can hire?”

Well, That’s A Great Question.

And I was like, “Well, that’s a great question.” So we actually think there are three things that make us unique among Nashville property managers. And so I’ll go ahead and give you all three of these.

So Number One Is We Have The Industry’s Most Talented Team

We 100% believe this. Like this is not just something we made up.

We absolutely believe that the people that we hire is one of the reasons that makes us so unique.

Also, we are not necessarily looking for seasoned property managers. And we’re looking for very smart and talented people who can solve problems, okay?

Different Issues And Problems!

Because property management is a business that has different issues and problems that come up and also is a grind.

And so the people that we hire are smart, talented and, you know, they’re just hard workers.

So One Of The Things That Make Us Unique, Really Even In Our Hiring Process, You Can See This, We Have A Hiring Process We Call “The Grinder”.

And we called it that because when we first implemented, it is a four-stage hiring process, we just noticed that not a lot of people made it through, like, very few people made it through.

It starts with a phone interview and, if they pass the phone interview, it comes to a face-to-face interview.

And if they pass the face-to-face interview, which is mainly about competence and skill, then they go to a cultural interview.

Cultural Interview Is More Along The Lines!

And that cultural interview is more along the lines of is this going to be a good fit for the team? Like, are they going to fit with the team?

We have core values and that’s all about our culture. And so if they pass that, then they go to a reference check.

And so you can imagine, if somebody makes it through four steps of this grinder interview process, then we think the world of them.

An Owner Should Look At The Team!

So we believe that an owner should look at the team that they’re going to hire for property management.

We care a lot about the people we hire like it is a big deal to us. And so number one, we have the industry’s most talented team.

Number Two, We Treat It Like We Own It. So All, That Is To Say, Is That We Are Property Owners

Like, there’s several of us that own houses. And I’ll just speak from personal experience. I have rental houses.

A long time ago, before I came to work at evernest, I turned my rental houses over to evernest.

In the early days, like 2009, either late 2008 or 2009, I turned my houses over to gevernest. And I came to work here in 2014.

And I Mean, There’s No Preferential Treatment.

Like, my houses are managed the same way every owner’s house is managed.

Matthew Whitaker, who founded the company…his houses are managed just like everybody else’s.

So we treat it like we own it. That’s the second thing that makes us unique.

And then the third thing that makes us unique is we put our money where our mouth is.

We’re Walking The Walk.

So this really speaks to our four guarantees. We are not just talking the talk. We’re walking the walk. And we are giving you four guarantees.

One of those is a 100% happiness guarantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, you’re not happy, you can cancel.

There’s no penalty. There’s no cancellation clause.

You know, we just ask that you give us a 30-days’ notice, but ultimately, we want you to be happy with us and if you’re not, you can cancel no penalty.

The Second Guarantee Is A 21-day Lease Guarantee.

So we guarantee, as long as certain stipulations are met, that we can lease your house within 21 days.

And if we don’t, we’re going to give you two months of management for free. So again, we put our money where our mouth is.

The Third One Is, We Have A Maintenance Guarantee.

If we go out and fix anything at your house with our maintenance people, we’re giving you essentially a 12-month warranty.

Like, if it breaks or something happens, we’re going to come back out and fix it on our dime.

So, there again, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. And then, the last guarantee is a tenant performance guarantee.

If we place a tenant in your home, and for some unknown reason they do not live up to at least six months of that lease of that contract, then we will place another tenant in your home at no extra charge, like no leasing fee or anything.

And You Know, Obviously, A 12-month Lease, That Would Be A Little Bit More Difficult To Do.

But sometimes things happen in tenants’ lives, loss of job, job change. I mean, there’s all kinds of things that could cause a tenant to break a lease.

And what we’re saying is if that happens, we’re going to find you another tenant, and no charge from that standpoint.

So those are four guarantees. That is how we put our money, where our mouth is.

First Of All, We Have The Industry’s Most Talented Team.

We treat it like we own it. And number three, we put our money where our mouth is.

And so we hope that if you’re looking for a property manager in Nashville, that you will give us a call if we haven’t already spoken and that hopefully, we’ll get to come out to your house, take a look at it, and let you see what we can do for you for your Nashville rental house.

Thanks so much. Have a great one.

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