What is it like to work for Evernest?

What you need to know about working with us.

What’s up, everybody? Matthew Whitaker here. I’m traveling today. I’m doing a video for all our prospective team members. Super excited about it.

So, I’m gonna give you the good, the bad, and the ugly about what it’s like to work with evernest.

One of the things and I think if you ask our team members they think is that there is more work than time to get things done. This is the feedback that I’ve been getting for years from our team members. We always think we’re gonna get over the hump, and we just realize, hey, there’s just more work that needs to get done than there is time to do it in a day.

So, if you like to be somebody that buttons it up and wraps it up by the end of the day and leave with kind of everything off your plate, then evernest may not be the right place for you.

But if you love to have so much going on and a bunch of crazy things happening, and you love to be knocking out tons of work, then evernest is probably the right place for you. We have a high-performance expectation. In other words, we expect a lot out of our people. We don’t apologize for that.

I mean, we want some really high-performing people. You’ll be in culture around a lot of people that are high-performing, so if you’re a high performer who likes to be around a lot of other high performers, and has a high expectation of yourself, then evernest may be the right place for you.

Team leaders. So, those of you that are applying for our team leaders. So, we have an operation to team leader, accounting to team leader job posting that we’re putting out there.

If you’re gonna be a team leader that works for us, you need to go run a market for us. Like, your tenure at evernest will be an absolute fail if you don’t ultimately go run a market for us. So, when you’re interviewing for this, please ask us a lot of questions about what that looks like.

We expect you to go run a market in about 24 months. So if you’re not doing that, then the work is gone for naught because we really need you to go run a market.

The last thing I would say is you are gonna learn more working here than at any other company. I mean, if you’re a team leader, you’re gonna learn about leading, how to lead people.

You’re gonna learn about growing a business. I think there are so many things to learn about growing a business. You can do that on our dime. And the last thing is about being an entrepreneur.

We love entrepreneurs. We have a culture of entrepreneurship. We have a core value called entrepreneurial spirit that we really believe in. And so, this is just a little bit about working with us.

Hope you enjoyed the video.

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