What does a good tenant look like?

Hey everybody. Matthew Whitaker here.

I’m gonna do another installment of Questions Owners Ask. Today’s question is, how do I know what a good tenant looks like?

The first thing

I want to talk about is a history of paying their bills on time. There’s a lot of landlords that actually won’t even look at credit score like they don’t think it’s very important.

I think this is really silly because like credit score is just a reflection of how well they’ve paid their bills in the past.

And I mean huge companies use credit score like mortgage companies and car finance companies, and for landlords to just basically brush it off like,

“Oh I don’t look at credit score,” it seems kind of weird to me.

So, I think you should look at the credit score. I think you should see if they paid their bills in the past.

Second thing is,

Do they have any outstanding debts with previous landlords or management companies?

If you get a credit report you can literally see sometimes they may have decent credit but they have landlords that that they’ve left owing money, maybe a couple hundred dollars here or a thousand dollars there but I mean do you want that to happen to you?

Do you want them to leave owing you money? Obviously not.

The third thing is

Do they pose a threat to your home, like do they tear up houses or do they pose a threat to the community, like the people around?

Oftentimes we do criminal background checks. I know a lot has been said about criminal backgrounds lately from a fair housing standpoint.

Obviously, don’t want to do anything that’s against fair housing but want to make sure that you’re not moving someone in that could be a threat to the house or a threat to the people who live there. So, that’s it.

That’s what I think a good tenant looks like.

Obviously, one that pays the bills and takes care of the home and is a good neighbor to the people around them.

Thank you so much.

Matthew Whitaker with Questions Owners Ask.