What Do Property Managers In Denver Do?

Hey everybody, Matthew Whitaker and I’m back with another “Questions Owners Ask.” Today’s question is, what do Denver property managers do?
What is the role of a property manager?

The First Thing

The first thing is a Denver property manager should list the home for lease.
They should post it on their website, send it out to places to market like Trulia and Zillow.
They should have the ability to list the home for lease, obviously putting signs in the yard.

The Second Thing

The next thing and one of the most important things are to screen applicants.

Our wisdom in screening applicants is by far one of the biggest values that we provide. Because we are used to hearing certain stories that we know aren’t true, we’re used to screening applicants and knowing what to look for.
So, I highly suggest using a property manager to screen applicants.
With that, we are obviously going to select a qualified tenant.
Now, you know, there are all sorts of things that we are looking for. This is all covered in “How to screen rental applications in Denver.”
But selecting a qualified applicant is a huge thing.

The Third Thing

The next thing we do is a move-in report.

We go through the house before that tenant moves in, take pictures, create a report as a PDF. This is especially important when the tenant moves out. The report will show you what damages were made and what was just typical wear and tear.

The Fourth Thing

The next thing we do is once the tenants moved in and they start paying, we collect the rent.

Obviously, you want to get paid and we do too. So, collecting rent is a huge part of what we do.

The Fifth Thing

The next thing we do is we handle all repairs, including emergencies.

It’s amazing how many things go wrong at important times when you have family in town during July 4th or Thanksgiving.
It seems like we always joke, the stove or the oven always breaks on Thanksgiving Day.
We handle those types of emergency issues so you don’t have to. We also take care of normal wear and tear repair calls, faucet breaks, things that are just kind of a hassle if you own a house or a number of houses for you to handle.

The Last Thing

Then the last thing in the whole cycle of this tenant is, at some point the tenants gonna move out.

When they do move out, we handle the move-out inspection, report, and do the accounting for that.

Those six things answer “What do property managers in Denver do?”  My name is Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.

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