What Do I Do If My Tenant Bounces A Check To Me?

Hey everybody. Matthew Whitaker here with another “Questions Owners Ask.”

Today’s question is my tenant just bounced a check to me, what should I do?

So, a lot of this has to do with what is in your lease. If your tenant signed the lease that basically told you or said how much money you can charge them for that, you can obviously charge them.

The first thing I would do is notify them and notify them of the bounce check, notify them of the charge if there is one and then I would make sure you add it to the register and I would make sure that you may be willing to forgive this one time but don’t get into a habit of continually forgiving these types of things because then they’ll make a habit of doing these types of things.

So, that’s it. “What do I do if tenant bounces a check to me?” This is “Questions Owners Ask,” Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.

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