Three Tips for Buying Renters Insurance in Birmingham, AL

If you rent, you should protect yourself and your belongings by taking out insurance. Like a homeowner purchases homeowners insurance, you should have renters insurance – and should know a few things before you choose a policy and purchase it.

Tip #1: Inventory Your Belongings

Every tenant should have a list of what he or she owns and how much he or she realistically thinks it’s worth. This list will help you determine how much insurance you’ll need to purchase, which will affect how much you pay on a monthly basis.

This list has other uses, though. It will also help you determine what is called replacement cost coverage, which gives you compensation for what the item would cost if you purchased it today. It helps you to avoid worrying about figuring out how much your items have depreciated; instead, you get a lump sum payout.

It also helps in the event of theft. Take pictures of your more valuable assets to go with your inventory.

Tip #2: Check for Discounts

To lower your premium, you can take advantage of several possible discounts.

For example, if you install security alarms (if allowed by your lease), that will typically lower your premium. You can also benefit from discounts given to universities, trade associations, credit unions, and groups like the AARP, military veterans, and law enforcement personnel.

You can also get discounts if you install dead bolt locks from many insurers.

Tip #3: Shop Around – Create a List of Several Insurers

Before you start shopping, make sure you are shopping from a big pool instead of just picking the first insurer you find, as many tenants do.

Create a list of every insurer you can find in the surrounding area and find out how much your policy would cost from the top five or six options. This will help you weed out the overly-expensive options and select the ones that have what you need at a reasonable cost.

Above all, don’t be afraid to ask your landlord about suggestions for renters insurance, in addition to other key issues.

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