Three Tips for a Better Renting Experience

Tips for Renting Experience

As professional Alabama rental managers, we work with clients and tenants to create the best renting experiences possible. After all, a productive relationship between a landlord and a tenant works for everyone. You can help make your stay in your rental home a great one with these three pieces of advice. Communicate Early and Often Communication is at the heart of any strong relationship, especially when it comes to rental homes. As a tenant, you should communicate early and often with your landlord – or their property manager – when it comes to issues and concerns you may have. Maintenance is a prime example. Let your landlord know when key systems within your home are acting up. A timely notification can save a minor repair from turning into a major one – which is a major inconvenience. Check Your Lease Thoroughly Always know what you sign before you sign anything. A lease is no exception. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions in your lease before you sign. If you and your landlord or property manager have any verbal agreements, make sure they’re codified in the lease. Know what you are allowed to do and aren’t allowed to do – this will keep you from violating the lease and promote harmony between yourself and your landlord. Treat Your Home Like You Own It Would you treat your home any differently if you owned it rather than rented it? Hopefully not. Your home is your home, and should be treated well no matter if you are renting or if you’re the owner. Work with your landlord to keep your home well-maintained and looking sharp. This includes keeping a home looking like new, especially if pets are involved. Great tenants deserve great landlords, and vice-versa. Follow these three tips to uphold your end of the bargain and be a model tenant that any landlord would love to have.

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