Three Reasons To Hire A Nashville Property Manager

Hey, this is Spencer Sutton with evernest and today I’m going to talk about the Three Reasons To Hire A Nashville Property Manager.
So, of course, we are property managers, so we want to give you the reasons why people should hire us.
And this is not a comprehensive list. Obviously, we could probably think of more.
If you give us a call on the phone, we’ll talk to you about all of our services, what we do for homeowners.
But here are three really important reasons to hire a Nashville Property Manager.

Number One:

So Number One Is That You Probably Don’t Know The Nuances Of The Federal And Local Tenant-landlord Laws.

That’s just a fact. As a matter of fact, I was meeting with an institutional investor not long ago, just last week.
And we were sitting there and talking about our procedures for security deposits and they brought up a point and we disagreed with them and the fact is they pulled out the landlord-tenant act and they were reading parts of it.
What they didn’t understand was that there had been an amendment, that they were reading the old version.

You’re Probably Going To Struggle!

And so if this institutional investor were struggling with understanding our local laws, then it probably means that you as a homeowner, whether you own one house or maybe two or three houses, you’re probably going to struggle to stay up to date on all of these things.
And so this is something that we do full time. So you know, we have a no-tolerance policy for following the law.
And so we make sure in all of our underwriting, all of our screening any kind of leasing activity that is done above board and in accordance with federal-local law.

The Second One:

The Second Reason You Should Hire A Nashville Property Manager Is Simply That Leasing Your Home If It’s Done Correctly, Is Almost A Full-time Job.

You know, it’s not only about just sticking your house out on the market, it is about getting it prepared to go on the market.
It’s knowing all of the proper channels to get your house out on the market in front of as many people as possible.
And you know, an advantage that a property manager, like gkhouses has, is that we have people coming to our website all the time.

They’re Constantly Looking On Our Website!

They know that we have new houses coming on and so they’re constantly looking on our website for this collection of houses and they can choose one.
So not only even that but then it’s showing the house.
It’s actually taking somebody through the house and walking them through the house.
It is answering phone calls, it’s answering questions, those types of things.

Collecting The Application!

Then it’s underwriting the application, collecting the application, making sure you do that correctly, looking at all the things that you need to look at.
Leasing a house from start to finish when you decide to rent your house until the day gets leased is really almost a full-time job.
I mean, there’s a lot that goes into it. So that is another reason why you need to hire a Nashville Property Manager for your rental house.

The Third

The Third Reason You Need To Hire A Nashville Property Manager Is, Simply That Dealing With Tenants Can Sometimes Be Difficult.

And you know, you have to have the right disposition, the right attitude when dealing with tenants, especially if there’s a disagreement about something.
You know, we’re very objective in how we deal with tenants versus a homeowner.
Who typically is more subjective depending on if it’s the house that they grew up in or house.
As they lived in for a long time, then there’s some emotion attached to that.

We’re Going To Be Very, Very Objective!

We absolutely treat it like a business because it is a business and really doesn’t matter if your tenant pays on time all the time.
You know, has perfect payment history and they keep the house nice. Sometimes there’s going to be disagreement.
Sometimes there’s going to be issues that you’re going to have to deal with.

24/7 Ability To Handle Things!

And so what we…I mean, we have 24/7 ability to handle just kind of crazy one-off type things.
But then we also are constantly monitoring tenant communication and answering as quickly as possible.
That’s something else you need to think about those are really the three reasons.
That I believe you should hire a Nashville Property Manager for your rental home.
And you may think of others, but if you’d like to talk more about this subject.
If you’d like to hear more about how we manage Nashville houses, then don’t hesitate, give us a call. (615) 925-3880, Ext 3.
We would love to hear from you.

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