Three Home Remodeling Tips from Professional Alabama Rental Managers

Home Remodeling Tips

If you’re a homeowner, a bit of home remodeling may be in your future. Maybe you want to add to existing space, or maybe you want a new look for yourself or for tenants. No matter what your home remodeling project may be, a few handy tips can help ensure the project goes off smoothly – and ensure your home looks its best. Here are three home remodeling tips for your new home that will help you spend your money wisely, courtesy of professional Alabama rental managers. Timeless Is the Key When you are thinking of a remodeling project for your home, think timeless. In other words, look for finishes and fixtures that are appropriate and desirable no matter what era we’re in. There are certain features of a home that have that timeless quality. White crown molding, chrome and nickel finishes, marble, and dark-colored wood are all timeless, and are attractive in a wide variety of settings and homes. You can’t go wrong with these and others like them. Try to update your home with features that won’t ever go out of style. Match What You Do with the Neighborhood It’s important to make sure you match what you do in your home to the neighborhood, which includes the value of your home and homes around it. In other words, going overboard and pouring expensive upgrades into a home won’t really increase the resale value to where you want it to be, nor will it attract higher rents, if the homes around your home don’t match. The opposite is also true: don’t put cheap fixtures, finishes, and other trappings in a higher-end home. It’ll only detract from the home and put potential tenants and buyers off. Storage Is Always Needed Want to make your home look instantly more attractive to a potential buyer or tenant? It’s simple – add storage! Storage is always in demand. People can never have enough. So, whether you decide to expand a closet into a walk-in closet, add shelving, or increase storage capacity elsewhere, you are adding perceived value to your home. Anyone who lives in it will immediately appreciate the increased storage. Bonus points apply if you turn an empty attic into a storage space – or, better yet, a bedroom. The same applies to a garage or other room that usually sits empty and unused. Shelving in a pinch can expand any area’s storage, as can cubicles placed into the wall. Contact us for more tips for homeowners who want to make wise modifications to their homes for tenants and other users.

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