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Believe it or not, despite the rounds of snow we’ve experienced, spring is almost here. Now is the time to assess the state of your house after a long and messy winter and see what needs to be done to your home in order to get it in tip-top shape for the upcoming months. No one, after all, wants to put up with a home that needs to be fixed. Therefore, use these tips to assess your home and then report any needed repairs so they can be taken care of promptly. Check Your Gutters Gutters are notorious collectors of leaves, sticks, gunk, and just about anything else that can collect in them. This is not good, since gutters serve a vital purpose: diverting rainwater away from your foundation. Check your gutters early and often, and see if now is the time to have them cleaned. Too much stuff in your gutters can also obscure repairs that may need to be made to the gutter system itself and make it impossible to fix them before it’s too late. Check for Water Damage Since we’ve gotten a lot of rain, ice and snow this winter, your roof has probably taken a beating. This is a good time to check your ceilings for tell-tale signs of water damage resulting from a roof that may have sprung a leak over the past couple of months. Look for:

Dripping from the ceiling

Light to dark-brown splotches


Hairline cracks (or larger ones)

You should also look around your floors and appliances for any other signs of a water leak. This includes brown stains, dark or black spots (mold), cracks, white residue on foundation walls in the basement, or any other small but noticeable sign of water infiltration. Check for Leaks You should also check for leaks – but not water leaks. If your heating bill was higher this winter than normal, it could be because of small air leaks throughout your home. This will unfortunately make your home more expensive to cool in the summer, so it’s important to find them before the hot months of summer arrive. Check around each window seal and door seal. Holding a candle or lit match to the seal and looking for drafts is a good way to find them. You may even be able to feel them. Also check around any appliance that connects to the outside. If there’s a possibility for an opening, air can get in – or out. Report any needed repairs to your professional Alabama rental managers and get your home ready for the rest of the year!

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