Should You Have Dog Breed Restrictions In Your Nashville Lease?

Should You Have Dog Breed Restrictions In Your Nashville Lease? That’s the question I’m going to answer in today’s Questions Owners Ask.

Hi, I’m Matthew Whitaker with Evernest here in Nashville. And today we’re going to discuss a question that a lot of owners want to know is, “Should I allow dangerous dog breeds?”

So, there’s a listed dangerous dog breed out there. You can Google search it.

Insurance Companies Will Not Allow!

Most insurance companies will not allow certain breeds of dogs into the house.

That’s the big question is, how does all this work? How do we make a pet responsible pet owners?

How do we give them a place to live with their pets? And how do we marry that up with insurance?

One Of The Things I Think Is Important Is To Understand Risk And Understand Liability

One of the things that we’ve looked at is, how can we remove the liability of the dangerous dog breed from our clients and from us at gkhouses?

Is there a way to do both? So, there are some owners that say, “I absolutely don’t want any dangerous dog breeds.

I don’t want to get into a situation where that dog might attack somebody.”

Even if they are a good dog, you just can’t underwrite an application for a dog.

Removing The Liability!

And some owners say, “Well, one of the things I’m interested in doing is removing the liability, removing the risk from me and evernest and actually putting it back on the dog owner.”

The way we do that is we allow the dog owner to go out and find their own insurance company that basically names the dog and the breed and basically covers us and them in the event of an accident or an injury.

So, It’s Two Different Ways Of Thinking. One Is No Way

One is under certain circumstances I’ll let him in. So, you really need to decide what’s right for you. I will tell you that my house personally, I would be under no way.

I just think there’s far too much risk around the owner dropping insurance or even if there is an accident, the insurance isn’t big enough to cover all of the possible liabilities.

But again, I’m not an attorney, I’m not here to give legal advice, I’m just here to tell you the way I’ve handled it.

I’m Matthew Whitaker here with evernest in Nashville.

If you have any questions I hope you’ll reach out to us and we’d love to answer them and be a resource for you.

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