Should you allow pets in your Atlanta rental house

Hey folks, this is Duncan Murphy with gkhouses here in Atlanta (Should you allow pets in your Atlanta rental house).

I wanted to do a video on the subject of pets or no pets in your investment property when you’re looking for a new renter.

Personally, I’m In The Camp Of Allowing Pets When We Are Listing A Property.

When an owner were to ask us, you know, for our 2 cents on whether they should or should not include pets in the listing, I usually recommend that they do allow them.

Obviously, each property is different, you know, interior condition, how recently was it built, things to be considered, but my main reasons for allowing pets would be that a majority of renters are coming with pets nowadays.

Last I heard, I think the number was about 68% of renters are coming with their pets. Greater Majority Equals More Prospects

More people who will see your listing, click your listing and continue on to go to see the property.

So you are fishing in a bigger pond if you are open to allowing pets.

Obvious drawbacks again, the wear and tear that would come with pets and the potential for just issues that come up.

And you know, neighborly issues, or anything else that, you know, a tenant might have with their pet being there.

Things To Consider!

There are things to consider, you know, whether the HOA if there is one in place, what are their bylaws around pets.

Obviously, the decision, in the end, it’s going to be the owner’s, but if you aren’t restricted by anything like the bylaws of an HOA, then you can, you know, be open to it and also be flexible.

Something we suggest if an owner is not really open to the idea of having residents living there with their pets is to put limitations on what we’ll allow.

Luckily, We Control The Listing!

So we can do that, so, you know, we can say no more than two pets, maximum of 25 pounds per pet.

We can actually require that pictures of the pets be sent to us beforehand to verify they are what they say they are.

Then, of course, charging things like your pet fee on the front end before they move in, you know, that can be income to you if it’s a non-refundable fee.

Also, pet deposits and or pet rent are an option there.

One touchy subject nowadays is the emotional support animal. Obviously, we want to follow that.

We Need To Follow That.

And so if we do learn of an emotional support animal coming with an applicant, we have to be very careful about how we ask about that.

By law, we have to allow them but we will require and can require that we have documentation of the emotional support animal.

Not just the badge, that anybody can go online, you know, and pay $70 or whatever it is to get a print out for the animal, but a letter from the prescribing physician just detailing that they are a physician and they, you know, said resident does need the pet.

We Don’t Need To Know Details!

We don’t need to know details, but we just need that signed letter, and that is verification that we need.

In that case, a property has to allow them.

You can’t say no at that point, but you can do your best to verify that.

Again, I would say if you’re out looking for a resident, you should be open to the pets.

In my experience, while there might be more avenues for additional wear and tear.

I’ve Never Seen Anything…

You know, if it’s a bad pet, might be a bad resident, so it’s going to have wear and tear.

Anyways, but I’ve never seen anything just out of control due to a, you know, a small dog tearing up a house.

I would say it will help you out if you’re open to this.

Again, my name is Duncan Murphy.

I’m with evernest here in Atlanta, Georgia.

Always open to answering any questions, so feel free to reach out to us.

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