Should I allow pets in my rental home?

Hey, everybody, Matthew Whitaker here and I’m doing “Questions Owners Ask,” and I’ve got Eddie here to help me. And the question, Eddie, yeah, the question is, “Should I allow pets in my rental home?”

So one of the things we’ve learned is over 60% of our applicants actually have pets today. So not allowing them in your rental home could be a challenge because you basically remove 60% of the demand for your rental home.

Now there are some dangerous breeds that we won’t allow in houses like Rottweilers and pit bulls. And if you have a Rottweiler or a pit bull and you wanna live in one of our houses, there are some workarounds from an insurance standpoint but typically, what happens is insurance carriers of the homeowners won’t allow those dangerous breed dogs to live in the homes. So talk to us if that’s the case. But typically, we don’t allow those.

Next is we will charge a pet fee. Pet fees vary, but we will charge a pet fee for the pet to live in the home, and sometimes we’ll even charge pet rent.

What do you think about that? Yeah, extra rent for you, Eddie. Obviously, the damage is gonna be accounted for when the pet leaves. Hopefully, the pet’s well trained. Damage is gonna be accounted for.

Now one important thing to note about pets. There are service animals and emotional support animals and actually aren’t considered pets and you can’t charge a pet fee or a pet deposit or pet rent for.

Now, if they damage the home, you can certainly account for it with a security deposit, but those are big right now, emotional support and service animals.

So, that’s it. That is, “Should I allow a pet in my rental home?” I’m Matthew Whitaker with “Questions Owners Ask.”