Advertising A Rental Home In Chattanooga Newspapers

Should I Advertise My Rental Home in Chattanooga Newspapers?

Hey everybody! Alex Smith here from gkhouses Chattanooga, with another edition of Questions Owners Ask. Today’s question is “Should I advertise my rental home in Chattanooga newspapers?”

Short answer? No.

There are several places you can advertise your rental home that are free and will get a lot more views than a newspaper would. Most of the time people either drive through a neighborhood to look for rental homes or they browse available homes on Zillow.

These days there are even more options available other than Zillow and Trulia. There is got Craigslist. You also have the Facebook Marketplace. There are a lot more avenues when advertising that you don’t have to pay for and that will generate infinitely more exposure than a newspaper would.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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