Proud To Be Named To Inc Magazine’s 2016 List

There is not a lot of recognition in the residential property management business. There is, however, a tremendous amount of hard work involved in managing 1,200 tenant relationships and over 500 owners. That is why we were excited to discover that Inc. 5000 recognized gkhouses as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America!

The great S. Truett Cathy once said, “If we concentrate on getting better our customers will demand that we get bigger.”

This award is truly a testament to the excellence our team has dedicated themselves to; as well as the disciplined hard work that ensures we provide both owners and tenants an excellent property management experience.

We were able to catch up with evernest Founder, Matthew Whitaker, and ask him his thoughts about the recent honor, “I’ve always admired the people who made this list. Now, the fact that we made it is really exciting for us. We felt like it was a waypoint to reaching our ultimate goal. I’m excited for our team because they’ve put in the long hours, getting to the office early and staying late, to make this company a success. I applaud them.”

As our team has grown and we have been able to provide excellent service, more and more owners have chosen evernest as their ‘go-to’ Birmingham and Nashville property manager.

We also believe there are three ‘unique’ aspects of the evernest model that have helped triple our business since 2013.

1. Communication

We have found that consistent and efficient communication builds trust…trust that we have our owner’s and tenant’s best interest in mind at all times. We are constantly discussing ways we can improve communication and thus, build trust.

2. Uncomfortable Transparency

This ties in so closely with one of our Core Values here at evernest – Integrity. And we not only want to be transparent in our actions, but also in our motives with both owners and tenants.

3. Celebrate the Tenant

We are proud to have the absolute best tenants in Birmingham and Nashville. We are extremely disciplined in our underwriting approach and know that when we find a great tenant, it’s important to make them feel appreciated so that they want to stay long term in the house they now call ‘home’.

This award is truly a team effort. From our leasing department to accounting, to the property managers and maintenance team out in the field. Everyone is dedicated to providing an excellent product for our customers and we couldn’t be more proud of our team.

Because of our team we have recently received testimonies like these:

“I would say that evernest has been a great help for me…I do really appreciate the care of my property and collecting the rent each month. I appreciate the notices received when there is a needed repair or replacement that will make my tenant happier and want to stay in the rental. Application of The Golden Rule is most important…evernest has given me the feeling that they are there to help both me and my tenant!” – Richard Nichol

“Excellent customer service, great management team, beautiful, well-maintained homes, ability to pay, submit requests, and communicate with the company online at my convenience…and understanding, knowledgeable employees.” – Brittany Rogers

Again, we couldn’t be more proud of our team and their hard work that has allowed us to receive this award. And we couldn’t be more thankful for our owners and tenants…you help make our jobs fun!

We hope to see you next year closer to the top of the Inc. 5000 list!


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