Optional Services Form

Evernest Optional Services

Please provide the following: 1) Name 2) Property address (street name, number, unit number) 3) Your location 4) Your desired services **IMPORTANT NOTE: If you've previously opted into one of the below services, these will not change unless you inform us otherwise.**

*If you have more than one property and would like different services on each, please submit a new request. Otherwise, list all properties you wish to include and select the desired service(s).
*If you have more than one property in different locations, please submit one request for each property's location.
Spring & Fall HVAC Service:
$165 per visit, $85 per additional HVAC Unit at the property
Gutter Cleaning:
$175 per visit, $50 per additional story (Please note, this pricing is for Single Family Residences. For multifamily buildings, we will provide quotes on a case-by-case basis)
Lawn Care (Mow, Edge, Blow):
Price will vary based on size
Spring and Fall Yard Clean Up:
$300 Per Visit. Includes trimming bushes, blowing/raking leaves, removing and debris, and cleaning up planters and flower beds
Sprinkler Turn On and Turn Offs:
$125 Per Visit
Fertilizing Lawn:
$150 per visit
Pressure Washing Exterior of Home:
Price will vary based on home size, number of stories, and additional items requested such as porches, decks, and driveways
Annual Property Inspection:
$149 per visit
Sprinkler Winterization
$120 per visit
Winterization of Vacant Property
$250 (Pricing could vary based on additional items that are included at the owner's request)
Sewer Main Inspection and Clean-out
$300 per visit
Dryer Vent Cleaning
$150 per visit
Eviction Protection Program (EPP):
$200 per year