My House Is Leased But Nobody Is Living There

What if I Have a Tenant Under a Lease, But They’re Not Living in My Rental Home?

Hey, everybody, Matthew Whitaker here, shooting another Questions Owners Ask.

Today’s question is, “What if I have a tenant under a lease, but they’re not living in my rental home?

So what do I do about that?” I mean, basically, you’re thinking that their house is abandoned and how do you verify that?

So this is a really easy question to answer.

The best way to do this is to serve notice to the tenant, which means, put a notice on the front door, basically saying that you think that the house is abandoned, and in a week, you’re gonna come in if the notice is still on the door, or the tenant hasn’t contacted you. So you put a notice on the door.

If it stays out there for the proper notice day, typically that’s eight days, then you can go in the house and kind of take back the house.

That means that they’ve abandoned it.  So obviously, you might wanna run this by your attorney.

Different areas of the country may be different, so I don’t wanna act like I’m giving legal advice, but that’s the way we’ve done it in the past.

I’m Matthew Whitaker with Evernest.

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