Movoto.com Names Birmingham as “Best City in America”

Birmingham – Best City in America

As Birmingham real estate pros, we’re naturally pretty high on the Magic City metro area as a great place to live.

That’s why we’re so happy to help people find new real estate opportunities in Birmingham – because at the end of the day, it’s a good place to be. Movoto.com, a national real estate directory, tends to agree with us. That’s why they recently named Birmingham as the ‘Best City in America’.

Relying on its extensive database full of research, Movoto ranked cities across the nation based on several categories. They pulled results from several rankings they did previously in 2014, rankings such as Most Caring Cities, Most Boring Cities, and Most Stressed Cities, among others.

They took the results from those rankings – six in total – and found the overall champion among the contenders. Birmingham managed to wind up at the top of the list when it was all said and done.

Out of 100 cities, Birmingham was the eighth most caring city and the 29th least boring city, and had the third-highest state pride. Following Birmingham were Tucson, Arizona, Rochester, New York, and Pittsburgh.

We’ve previously commented on how the Birmingham real estate market is great for renters and owners alike, so it’s no surprise that our area is being recognized by a national entity for being one of the best places to live. We’re just glad Birmingham is getting more recognition for its admirable characteristics and strengths.

Movoto’s rankings were partly done in fun, but from a statistical standpoint, there is a lot to be excited about. The Birmingham real estate market is going strong, according to the latest report, and we anticipate prices will continue to rise throughout the first half of 2015 – leading to another fruitful year for investors.

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